Fall Into A New Eye Shadow Look

With Fall coming in just a few days, everything is changing! The leaves, the weather, style choices, & your daily makeup routine! This is the time when colors change so, browns, grey, yellows, & reds are becoming more prominent! This means your makeup should change too. Instead of going for the pinks and the whites like you did in the summer, go a little darker!

Use a little less of the bronzer and go more for the rosy cheek look. The rosy cheek look will give you the appearance of being in the cold as if you were exploring the beginning of fall all day! You should also start playing around with eyeshadow palette colors!

Some of my favorites around this time of year are ones with golden tones for the focal point. Using all different shades of brown will help the look. But sometimes you should change that up and put a little bit of grey or black into the mix. It makes it more daring and gives the look something new!

Following the trend or not is up to you! But for me, I love following it because each time I do, I put a little spin on it and make it my own! Make your eyeshadow look this fall your own!

:-* MMB

July Special

For those of us in the US today is a big day! It’s our Independence Day! This means everywhere you go will be surrounded by red, white, and blue! So I wanted to dedicate the first make up ideas in July to this day! Some do not think there are so many options to choose from but there are so many options out there! During this time Pinterest is your best friend! When I searched fro 4th of July makeup these are some I came across that you could give a shot:

You could also change things up and instead of doing one color on the lips, make it the focal point:

Try any of these ideas and you will be surprised by what people think. Most will probably tell you they “wish they had the guts to try it”. Try something new if you want to or stay with the classics of red lips and white or blue eye shadow! It’s completely your choice! Celebrate your 4th of July with some fun and how you want to!