A Real Technique With A Brush~ For the Face

Trying to find the right makeup brushes for you can be difficult. We want them to be good quality, easy to clean, smooth application, and more! Is that too much to ask for? One of my biggest criteria with a lot of my makeup has been cruelty free. This request can be limiting, especially since some of the makeup brands I want to try aren’t 😦

But one I am happy to say is…. are the Real Technique’s makeup brushes! These brushes are so soft and don’t leave any application lines!

One of their most popular is their Expert Face Brush! This brush is so plush and it blends in your foundation nice and evenly. This brush is intended for both liquid and powder foundation but for me, it works best with liquid. The only thing I’d recommend is to apply dots of your foundation to your face before using the face brush to blend out the foundation.


Another brush I loved was their setting brush! To set my makeup I do use a setting spray but that is when everything is done. To set my concealer and foundation I like to use a banana powder. This setting brush is the perfect size for me to set the makeup under my eyes, especially since my makeup seems to run without it throughout the day! The brush is soft and compact enough to pick up the product and distribute it where I need it softly. Banana powder is a mess on its own, but this brush is perfect to apply the product where you need it and set the face makeup you have.

I could go on and on about these brushes but these two are the ones I use every day and have grown to love! You can also find them on amazon or at your beauty retailer! Leave a comment below if you love these brushes as much as I do & let me know which ones you use! If you end up buying these brushes and use them for pictures, tag me/dm me the pictures so I can see the flawless application!

:-* MMB

Are Some Essentials REALLY Essential?

The other day I was putting on my makeup and I started wondering…. were all these products really essential to the look I was going for every day? The answer to this question is NO! I came to realize that I had four brown eyeshadow pallets and yet I only wore eyeshadow on special occasions. Men (and honestly some women) seem to think that a girl loves buying makeup and wearing makeup. While it may be true that we like to wear makeup, buying makeup can hurt our wallets. So, rather than thinking that your makeup essentials are the essentials you should have. Here are the ones I think are a must have for any beginner:

  1. Mascara
  2. eyeliner (this is essential for me but doesn’t have to be for you)
  3. foundation (liquid or powder)
  4. concealer
  5. blush (give your cheeks a little color)
  6. setting spray
  7. lipstick (you don’t need many colors but it allows you to change up your look from time to time)

For your foundation, you can choose one or the other as well as both but if you choose both be careful you don’t overdo it with the application. Concealer is a good tool to conceal any dark circles or spots and can give your eyes a little highlight under the eyes if you decide to go with one shade lighter than your foundation color. Setting spray is an essential because it’ll keep your makeup in place all day. Lipstick is an essential but it doesn’t have to be. Find the essential makeup products that work for you.

Leave a comment below with your favorite essential product!

:-* MMB

Foundation Favs!

Foundation is one of my favorite makeup tools! And while I’m all for showing my natural skin and giving it some love, foundation is a great for those fancy days. Even in my early twenties I still have the acne issues I developed in my later teen years. So on the days that I want them to go away I like to use a foundation that will cover them well. The three I want to talk about have helped my roommate, my sister, and me through this fall weather.

The first one I want to talk about is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. This is one that I have tried in the past. It didn’t cover my dark circles and by the end of day it looked like the foundation had washed off. BUT my sister uses this foundation daily and she says it works great for her skin and covers what she needs it to. For her it also stays on all day, which is perfect for the job she has. This foundation can be found at any major department store that sells makeup or at any beauty retailer. The cheapest I have found is around $12-15 which isn’t bad.

The next Foundation I want to talk about is the CoverGirl Aqua Smooth Foundation. Now if you have sisters you know that you sometimes tend to share makeup. So for me, one of my sisters is allergic to something in CoverGirl makeup so just in case I try not to buy it, but I don’t think this line of foundation is a bad one. This one is found at any drug store for at least $10. My roommate uses this one and she says that it applies smoothly and she likes that it is applied as a powder but has a liquid base to it. She is someone who doesn’t wear makeup too often but when she does she says that this one moisturizes her skin and gives her the coverage she needs.

The last Foundation I want to talk about is one that I have recently started using. It’s called Too Faced Born This Way. This one can be found at any beauty retailer and is a little more pricey, at $20-30. But I think this one is worth it because it is not an oil based foundation (which for me feels heavy on my skin throughout the day). This one has a base of coconut water and makes me feel like I’m not wearing any face makeup throughout the day. Also the coconut water hydrates my skin throughout the day.

So there you have it! These are three foundations I would recommend for the Fall/Winter weather, considering that these two seasons tend to dry out the skin more. Try them out! If you have any other Foundations you think I should try out, leave a comment down below!

:-* MMB

Why Are Makeup Remover/Wipes Important?

When I first started wearing makeup, I had NO idea how it can affected my skin. As I learned I came to know how important makeup whips/ remover was. Your probably thinking why is this girl going to go on a rant about makeup remover of any kind right? But removing your makeup is important!


Did you know that when you wear makeup you can get 50% more dirt stuck in your pores? When makeup covers your face, it clogs your pores which doesn’t allow them to breath and allows them to open more, which makes them swallow anything they come into contact with (dirt, oil, etc). Sometimes makeup is stubborn, which is why makeup remover is great. The alcohol used in makeup remover/whips is gentle enough to work the makeup out of your skin as well as dirt without bursting the pores open. Although, makeup remover isn’t the only step you should take to allowing your skin to breath, it is the first and best step after wearing makeup all day. Next time you go to the makeup store to make your next big purchase consider purchasing some makeup remover/whips. The affect will eventually show you how helpful this tool can be to wearing makeup everyday!

Fall In Love With These Eyes

As I have stated before: Fall is a great time to change up your look! And one of my favorite ways is with the eyes! Add a little bit of eyeshadow to your daily routine! I’m not saying go all out and wear the same look to work as you would for going out. But if the leaves are changing a bit than why shouldn’t we?

A lot of my new eye looks come from Pinterest! It is so easy to find eye shadow looks that have the fall browns, golds, grey, and blacks in them!  Here are some looks that I would try if I was going out. (some I have tried and some I haven’t)

If you are looking for a more natural look… here is one I found and what I love about it is it is it’s broken down for me into a step by step so that I don’t have to wonder exactly what colors were used:


This look is so easy and looks like it take no time. But look at the end product! Gorgeous no?

Lastly, I did find a photo when looking through these looks that I love because it is what I use to break down most of my eyeshadow looks when applying them! It is my secret weapon and I’m going to share it with you:


Using this breakdown really helped me and I hope it helps you guys too! Let me know if it does in the comments below!

:-* MMB