5/28/16 Hair


Hi my loves!

So now I am five months into this journey. I had originally decided on this idea in December of last year but I thought it wouldn’t be as accurate to me as I wanted it to be and it would be better to start in the new year (New year, new resolutions, yada yada yada). I know I have probably said all this before.


Just as a brief background: my hair has grown over the past five months but I honestly didn’t see a change until about a month ago. As I said in my last post, the thickness of my hair has come back and the length is just an inch shy of lining up with my armpit.

Give me a minute here to scream, “I WANT MY HAIR TO GROW FASTER!” or “CAN’T YOU JUST MAGICALLY GROW TO THE LENGTH I WANT!”- okay I’m done.


~Cold Rinse~

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but giving your hair a cold rinse really helps it. Some would tell you that taking cold showers every once in a while is better-DON’T! The purpose of a hot shower is not just great for you but it also loosens the roots of your hair to open and allow your shampoo & conditioner to get in there and clean. instead of taking a cold shower every once in a while, wash your hair in a warm shower and at the last 2 minutes of every shower, wash your hair in cold water. This will close the root follicle back up and allow for the hair to keep all the nutrients it needs to clean the hair. You may feel cold for a minute after the shower but it’ll go away. And because of the cold shower you are less likely to end up with frizzy dry hair.

~Right Shampoo & Conditioner~

I think I’ve talked about this before as well. Knowing what your hair needs in order to grow is a HUGE bonus! If you are absolutely unsure consult with a hairstylist that has worked on your hair a few times before. They’re the ones to give you the best recommendations. If you want my breakdown: my hair is so thick that it is easy for my ends to get very dry and my roots get really oily if I wait to long to wash it. For me, a moisturizing formula works best for my roots and after my shower,  a mix of texturizing sea spray with a styling treatment oil helps my hair feel heathy and happy. BONUS: I like to give my hair the best treatment and not cause harm to any living thing so I make the choice to use all companies that are animal cruelty free!

I love that you guys are on this journey with me! We’re only five months in and have at least 7 months to go! (That is unless I decide to go for longer lengths!) I can’t believe we’re almost half way through this year! Can’t wait to hit the 6 month mark with you guys! I hope these few tips helped and keep a look out for our 6th month post!

:-* MMB

4/26/17 Hair

It has been two months now since I trimmed my hair. The thickness of it has come back and I am still resisting using as much heat on it as possible (with the exception of this past easter of course). I am only four months in to my hair journey and already I am debating coloring it or chopping it off. But at the same time I have to remind myself that I wanted to stay committed and see this through at least a year. Here are the few tricks I have learned in the last four months alone.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.26.28 AM

  1. The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Knowing what your hair needs in order to allow it to grow out is very important. I’ve gotten very particular about the products I use on my hair over the years. One of my new favorites is by functionofbeauty.com. Their line is sulfate free, cruelty free, and paraben free. You take a quiz about your hair type and they create a formula specific to you. The best part is it isn’t any more expensive than drug store shampoo!

2. Hair Masques

Hair masques are important to growing your hair out. I’ve gone into the necessity of them in great detail in other posts before. And I still believe that they are helpful. If you don’t know what kind of hair masque to use, don’t go to store and guess because chances are, the one you pick yourself may not be the best one for you. The next time you go in for a trim, talk to your stylist in detail about what kind of masques to look for. And depending on your hair type, ask them how often you think you should do them.

3. Trims

I’ve also talked about trims before. When you tell your stylist your growing out your hair their typical response at the end of each appointment is to tell you to come back in at least every two months for a trim. But if you are taking care of your hair and have a good routine for it, this is false. If you want to see how much your hair grows over time and your showing your hair a little love, than you shouldn’t need a trim for at least six months to a year. This time frame, however, is slightly different for everyone because there are different hair types out there.

4. Exercise

This is a topic that I don’t keep up with regularly and I should. Exercise can help your body in SO MANY ways. Whenever your exercise, your heart rate speeds up and pumps more blood throughout your body. The increased blood flow and circulation as well as the rise in body temperature creates a faster circulation throughout the body and sends more oxygen to the scalp which is the nutrients the scalp needs to help hair grow.

I hoped these tips helped! Thanks for coming with me on this “hair journey” lol

:-* MMB

3/30/17 Hair

It’s been another month since I posted about my hair journey. Sometimes I wonder if this journey is worth documenting every month because I know there will be some months I don’t know what to talk about.

At the beginning of this month I got my hair trimmed. Nothing drastic I just needed to trim up the ends. Walked in and ended up finding out that the last person to cut my hair, cut it unevenly. So I had one side that was about a 1/2 inch shorter than the other. Let me tell you… I was FURIOUS about this. But my new hair stylist fixed this problem and I have to say I loved it. He listened to what I wanted and didn’t do anything drastic to the length. Even within the last month I have noticed that my hair has grown!

I’ve also changed my hair care routine a little. I’ve started using a shampoo and conditioner by Pureology that is good for strengthening your hair and allowing it to grow. I’ve also gotten into washing my hair twice a week (I know that sounds gross to some but it works for me and you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day). I’ve also been doing a hair masque once a week. To keep my ends happy and healthy.

stay tuned for more as I continue on this hair journey!

:-* MMB

2/24/17 Hair

So guys… its been a month since I started this Hair post idea! I’m not posting a photo on here this time because my hair hasn’t changed much yet. Today I wanted to talk about vitamins to take that will help your hair. For some, one good supplement is called “It Works: hair, skin, & nails”. I used to take this supplement to try and help my hair grow but unfortunately I didn’t see much improvement after three months. I don’t know if that is due to the fact that I had bleached the ends of my hair right before trying it or the fact that I was constantly trimming it because of the bleach. If you try it and it works for you, that’s awesome! Give it a try! But be warned- the product is pretty pricey but can be found on amazon. I’ve recently come the learn that I don’t like swallowing whole vitamins every day. I find reasons not to take it, I wait as long as I can before swallowing it, or I honestly do forget to take it. But I have started taking Vitafusion gummy vitamins. These are easy to take because they are chewable and they taste decent. I take a women’s multivitamin for my health and I also take a biotin supplement as well (both gummies by vitafusion). I take two of each once a day and I’ve only been taking them for a month. But I’m already seeing a change in the look of my hair and especially the length of my nails. If you are trying to grow out your hair like me, first understand that it WILL take time and start by taking vitamins that are specific to the production of hair growth.

1/24/17 Hair

Before this past holiday I was trying to figure out what topics I would write about in the new year and I had absolutely NO CLUE! I was going through a serious writers block and it began to bother me. But then around the new year I remembered that I had made the decision to love my hair more (that may sound weird but let me explain). I have spent years coloring and cutting my hair that I had forgotten to love my natural hair. And I had been wanting to grow it out for a long time (I just always got impatient and would cut it again). So this year I decided to take on a challenge:



I’ve also decided to do a hair segment with this. On the same date every month I will post an update of my hair’s journey! And I won’t stop until December! I’ll post a picture of the change along with my thoughts on the journey as well as tips & tricks I’ve been trying or the times I get a trim. Once I reach December I’ll post something on the entire year and what the journey was like! Do you think I can do it? Will you go on this journey with me? Here we go!

~ MMB :-*