1/30/18 Hair!- Hair Journey Year 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! BEGINNING MY HAIR JOURNEY YEAR 2! My first post of 2018! I am so excited about this last leg of the journey! My patience has really tested me in this last year! But I can say that my hair length is only half way where I want it to be! Before I started this journey I never would have given much thought to how fast my hair could grow or what it really needed to stay healthy. Had I been through beauty school and knew the basics of hair? Yes! But that didn’t mean that I would know exactly what MY hair needed!

Starting this year I am adding some new products to my routine and will be talking about those in the coming months. I don’t want to introduce them to you just yet because I want to give my hair time to adjust to the new products and see how they help my hair.

Some of the products I will be continuing to use are not only good for my hair but all of them are cruelty free!

  1. Function of Beauty– I am continuing with this shampoo and conditioner because it is personalized to my hair type and what I want to achieve! It’s hand made but also cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, and toxin free. The best part- the most expensive it is is $35! I changed my formula a little bit from last time but can’t wait to see how this helps my hair in the new year!
  2. Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin– This leave-in conditioner is by It’s A 10 which is also a cruelty free brand. The Keratin is a protein that your hair naturally produces but the added Keratin in the product strengthens the hair as it grows. This product is a little pricey depending on the oz you buy. Although it is more expensive I’ve found that the 10 oz has lasted me almost a year and I use it every time I wash my hair. It can be also found at Ulta and some drug stores.

These are the only two products I’m starting my year with! But I will be adding to it as 2018 progresses! Are you still on this journey with me???

:-* MMB

12/27/17 Hair

Alright everyone! We are now to the end of year one! I can’t believe that I was ale to stick this out but I also can’t believe how much more I have to go! In a lot of my Hair monthly posts I have said “we” a lot. “We’re 7 months in…” “We can do this…” And I realized that I was saying that a lot because I didn’t know if anyone would think, “Maybe I’ll try that…” because then it would become a “we” thing. I didn’t want to do this post to say that it was something everyone should do or keep track of but I think when you aren’t focused on it, its hard to judge how long it can take to grow out your hair. Because everyone is different and everyone’s hair journey will be different. But especially now with easy fixes like extensions, growing out your hair is a process. But through that you can learn the best ways to take care of it. A lot of people hate that part (myself included sometimes) because it means a lot of trial and error. So when you don’t see results right away it can be discouraging. And if your anything like me, you get to a point where it stops mattering. I have had those moments this year where I will see a cute short hair cut and think, “I want that style…” and with my hair history I would have said “long hair be damned” and done it. But 3 months later or so, I would have been upset. These posts have seriously helped me stay on my goal.

And look at how far I have come in just one year. Can you imagine how long my hair can get in just another 6 months?? And just like the last 6 month mark, I know I will be worried about my indecisiveness about my hair. Long hair and hot summer weather make my neck hot, so I think in that time I will be doing A LOT of undoes! But I think if I can stick it out for one year… I can do it for another! Are you still with me???? I’mma keep going into next year #hairgrowth #hairgrowthjourney #hairgrowthjourneyYEAR2

:-* MMB

11/30/17 Hair

11 MONTHS! I’m so proud of myself lol sorry I needed a moment. Well I can say that at this point I am starting to notice my hair growing! Mostly just whenever I put it in a ponytail! If you’ve followed my journey than you know how difficult and frustrating it has been for me to patiently wait for my hair to grow.

Some of the products that I’m still using (and the links to them are in my last hair post) are the function of beauty shampoo and conditioner, the It’s a 10 miracle leave in treatment with keratin, as well as some oils. We’re getting to the end of the year and I would love to post some progression photos for you at the year mark! Next month we will be one year in!

Thank you all for coming on this Hair Journey with me!

:-* MMB

10/30/17 Hair

TEN MONNTHS IN! I hope you all will have/had a safe and fun Halloween!! I have to say (and I think I say this every month) that I am shocked I have gotten this far without cutting it! But it shows I can do it haha. I’ve stopped using supplements and started taking really good care of my hair. But for everyone that process is slightly different. For me, taking care of my hair means washing it every 2 days with the FUNCTION OF BEAUTY shampoo and conditioner. It’s a brand that makes shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair and its needs based on what you tell them in their online quiz. It’s a little pricey but it’s been working wonders for me. To protect my hair against damage I’ve been using the IT’S A 10 MIRACLE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER WITH KERATIN which I have mentioned before. Keratin is a protein your hair naturally produces so the added keratin in the product helps to boost hair growth and slightly slows down the aging process of each hair strand. Focus any leave in hair treatments on the middle to ends of your hair, focusing on the roots can cause damage to the new hair growth.

I try not to use heat to often but in these photos to show you the growth I did use a straightener. If you are going to blow dry or use any kind of iron on your hair, PLEASE use a heat protectant spray! It’ll protect your hair from heat damage and make split ends less frequent! Lastly, on the days I don’t wash my hair it can get very dry, especially in the colder months. I like to use the littlest pump of the PAUL MITCHELL AWAPUHI STYLING TREATMENT OIL. This stuff smells amazing and just the tiniest bit changes my hair from dry on the second day without a wash, to revived and fresh. You can use these products if you wish and all the links go to where you can purchase them, but find one that works best for you! And I can finally announce…… I WILL OFFICIALLY BE CONTINUING THIS JOURNEY THROUGH 2018! IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING ALLONG I LOVE YOU AND IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING, I’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU CONTINUE ON THIS JOURNEY WITH ME!

:-* MMB

9/28/17 Hair

Nine months in! Guys… I honestly did not think that I would make it this far! My hair is now down to my shoulder blades (from my back-almost to the end of them). In previous years my hair has taken a long time to get to this point and then after that it seems to grow really quickly… I hope that this happens but with everything I did to my hair over the past couple years I can’t say for sure.

This journey has been hard for me you guys… and I know that your probably thinking “Really??? IT’S JUST HAIR!” I know this but in the past nine months I have cut it ( going back on my word NOT to), I’ve really wanted to dye it but surprisingly this hasn’t happened yet, and I have honestly thought about putting in EXTENSIONS! Which if you don’t know is one of the WORST things to do to your hair, aside from bleach, when you want to grow it out!

A perk to this journey though is the $$$ aspect of all of this! I know that in different parts of the world, hair care prices vary. In southern california, I used to pay $150-200 for color and cut. And that was roughly every 3-5 months… It’s insane how much money I’ve spent. But with this Journey to hold me accountable, I’ve trimmed my hair only twice and only paid a total of $80!!!

If you want to take a “Journey” like this make sure you know a few things:

what kind of hair you have (thick, thin, wavy, straight, etc.), what type of products your hair needs to be healthy, how often you should wash it, keep away from hot tools and air dry hair as much as possible.

I HOPE these updates still interest you guys and I hope these little tips have helped you guys!

:-* MMB

8/24/17 Hair

You guys…. We’ve hit the end of August! Eight months in and I’ve come to notice that my hair has grown a little. It is back to a little past my arm pit and is still very thick. When I put it up, it lands a little past the nape of my neck. It’s healthy and happy for now! I’ve changed up my hair care products a little. Last post I mentioned that I had started using the ‘It’s a 10 miracle leave in treatment with keratin’ and you guys it has helped my hair SO MUCH in this last month. on top of that I changed my shampoo to the Paul Mitchell Awpui (don’t know if i spelled that right) line.

Changing up your hair care routine is SO important! The biggest problem that your hair faces is that it becomes used to its environment. If you live in a dry area, your hair is going to react to it in a better way than if you all of a sudden move to the ocean. Your hair has to adjust. Its a similar idea with hair products. For example, if your hair is dry and you use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, your hair will slowly start to overcompensate and produce more oil. Eventually the more oil it continues to produce then your hairs natural balance will change and it will become oily. Once that happens it is time to change to an oil controlled shampoo and conditioner.

Its the same set up with hair care products like serums and hair spray as well as leave in conditioners. I didn’t just change my leave in conditioner from ‘Toni & Guy S-Factor Papaya leave in’ to ‘It’s a 10’ because I wanted to. I also changed it because my hair had changed and it needed something that worked with the new environment it was in and with the amount of oil it had begun to produce.

Changing things up for your hair is good for it and it keeps it healthy and happy. I hope these tips helped and I hope to see you in next months update!

~ :-* MMB

7/30/17 Hair

Alright everyone! Seven Months! My hair is happy and healthy as we continue this journey! (Although I have to confess- I did trim it recently) I know, I know… but honestly we’re in the middle of summer time and my hair is just SO THICK! I felt like I had my own heater on my neck. So this month all I did was thin it out a little to help me through the summer. I did mention in my May or June post that the thickness had come back after I had thinned it out in March. So my guess is the thickness will be back by October! This will be great because we will be in the heart of fall!

My hair has gone back to being healthy! I started using moisturizing shampoo/ conditioner with an occasional hair mask. The previous leave-in hair conditioner that I used was a pleasant smell but it didn’t help  my hair at all. This past month I’ve started using the It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner plus keratin. I have heard rave reviews about this product and how it helps protect your hair from so much damage and the added bonus of keratin to help boost your hairs natural supply of keratin is a bonus.

Because of the trim I recently got I had him take off very little from the length so my longest layer is at my armpit in front and back. My hair stylist thinned it out just enough so that it’s still thick enough to put into braids/plaits if I want to but thin enough to where the summer heat shouldn’t bother my neck.

You guys I am seven months in to this journey already! It may be a little too soon to ask this but…. Do you think I should continue into 2018? Let me know!

:-* MMB