3/30/17 Hair

It’s been another month since I posted about my hair journey. Sometimes I wonder if this journey is worth documenting every month because I know there will be some months I don’t know what to talk about.

At the beginning of this month I got my hair trimmed. Nothing drastic I just needed to trim up the ends. Walked in and ended up finding out that the last person to cut my hair, cut it unevenly. So I had one side that was about a 1/2 inch shorter than the other. Let me tell you… I was FURIOUS about this. But my new hair stylist fixed this problem and I have to say I loved it. He listened to what I wanted and didn’t do anything drastic to the length. Even within the last month I have noticed that my hair has grown!

I’ve also changed my hair care routine a little. I’ve started using a shampoo and conditioner by Pureology that is good for strengthening your hair and allowing it to grow. I’ve also gotten into washing my hair twice a week (I know that sounds gross to some but it works for me and you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day). I’ve also been doing a hair masque once a week. To keep my ends happy and healthy.

stay tuned for more as I continue on this hair journey!

:-* MMB

2/24/17 Hair

So guys… its been a month since I started this Hair post idea! I’m not posting a photo on here this time because my hair hasn’t changed much yet. Today I wanted to talk about vitamins to take that will help your hair. For some, one good supplement is called “It Works: hair, skin, & nails”. I used to take this supplement to try and help my hair grow but unfortunately I didn’t see much improvement after three months. I don’t know if that is due to the fact that I had bleached the ends of my hair right before trying it or the fact that I was constantly trimming it because of the bleach. If you try it and it works for you, that’s awesome! Give it a try! But be warned- the product is pretty pricey but can be found on amazon. I’ve recently come the learn that I don’t like swallowing whole vitamins every day. I find reasons not to take it, I wait as long as I can before swallowing it, or I honestly do forget to take it. But I have started taking Vitafusion gummy vitamins. These are easy to take because they are chewable and they taste decent. I take a women’s multivitamin for my health and I also take a biotin supplement as well (both gummies by vitafusion). I take two of each once a day and I’ve only been taking them for a month. But I’m already seeing a change in the look of my hair and especially the length of my nails. If you are trying to grow out your hair like me, first understand that it WILL take time and start by taking vitamins that are specific to the production of hair growth.

1/24/17 Hair

Before this past holiday I was trying to figure out what topics I would write about in the new year and I had absolutely NO CLUE! I was going through a serious writers block and it began to bother me. But then around the new year I remembered that I had made the decision to love my hair more (that may sound weird but let me explain). I have spent years coloring and cutting my hair that I had forgotten to love my natural hair. And I had been wanting to grow it out for a long time (I just always got impatient and would cut it again). So this year I decided to take on a challenge:



I’ve also decided to do a hair segment with this. On the same date every month I will post an update of my hair’s journey! And I won’t stop until December! I’ll post a picture of the change along with my thoughts on the journey as well as tips & tricks I’ve been trying or the times I get a trim. Once I reach December I’ll post something on the entire year and what the journey was like! Do you think I can do it? Will you go on this journey with me? Here we go!

~ MMB :-*

“Not My Hair!!”

Many girls love their hair. Even if you are the type to change it up over and over again, you still love your hair. But just because we love it doesn’t mean we are good at protecting it. Here are some tips to help save your beautiful hair.

  1. do a hair mask at least once a week. Depending on what type of hair you have depends on what hair mask you will do. To figure out which kind will work for you consult your beautician or a beauty retailer.
  2. REFRAIN from using HEAT. I’ve done posts about how important this one is before so I won’t go into to much detail. If you do need to use heat at least use a heat protectant with it
  3. Stop with the bleach. Bleach is deadly to your hair and you will not get said hair to grow if you continue to use bleach
  4. try not to dye your hair in general. If you have to dye your hair, darker colors still ruin the hair but they are not as detrimental to it. also when dying your hair, as long as you don’t touch the root (where the hair is new and healthy) it will continue to grow
  5. try not to put all kinds of products in your hair. Most of the time you don’t know what is in these products and how they will effect different hair types.
  6. wash you hair less. I’m not saying let your hair get to a grease fest but if you wash your hair everyday, try not to. Your hair actually needs the oils from its scalp to remain healthy.
  7. try not to tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail too much. while these may look very cute, where you place your elastic will ultimately cause breakage which will not allow your hair to continue to look healthy.
  8. get your hair cut at least every 3-4 months. this is for the people who what to grow their hair out. getting your hair cut every 6 weeks will not allow it to grow but taking off a half inch at least every 3-4 months will tame the breakage and keep your hair healthy and growing

Some of these steps may be minimal but they can definitely help with keeping your hair healthy and growing!

The Yeses & No’s of Putting Up Your Hair

I am one of those people who loves to do different things with my hair (as you all probably know). I dye it, cut it, grow it out, put it up, let it stay down, you get the idea! But… Recently I came to wonder if doing all this to my hair was a great idea, putting my hair up in particular. Here are my yeses and no’s to putting your hair up. Some may be very basic and some not so much.


  1. Changes things up
  2. keeps hair off your face which can help prevent acne
  3. saves time
  4. allows you to have more excuses to use dry shampoo
  5. allows you to try different hairstyles (buns, braids, and ponytails)
  6. versatile for any occasion


  1. can make hair dry
  2. causes breakage from where an elastic was over time
  3. tightening the elastic can cause pain on your scalp
  4. consistent undo’s cause hair to fall out more frequently
  5. weight of hair on the head can cause headaches


New School Year? New “You”

Going back to school for me was always an exciting time. You get to see kids new outfit choices (although most of their styles never changed) but mostly you see new hair styles. Where I grew up this meant everyone was coming back from spending their days at the beach and having their hair sun bleached from all those summer days. There were the rare ones who thought with fall coming, they should change it up (this realization usually came after picture day).

If you’re like me and don’t mind changing your hair often then this is the perfect time for you. You can chop off your hair! Be daring and start the school year with a pixie cut, or a bob, or a lob! Having the flexibility to do anything with your hair cut shows that you are extremely confident that your personality overshadows your looks

However, that isn’t to say that people with long hair aren’t confident either! You have the luxury of using your hair as an accessory! Braid it, Pin it, Curl it, Straighten it! If you have long hair there are so many things you can do with it! This school year step out of your comfort! If you are known for straightening you hair every day, then change it up and curl it or braid it sometimes!

There is the group that loves to color their hair! If you are the one that likes to do any kind of color than try one you haven’t before! If you’ve dyed you hair pink, dye it blue! If you’re known for dying your hair an ombre, try balayage! If you like dark hair, try going a little lighter!

The start of school is a great transition time! Try something new! You’ll be surprised at the receptive feedback people will give you! Some may be good and some not so good, but be confident regardless and do you this school year!

The Go-To Hair for Summer

I don’t know about you guys but with summer hitting my side of the country pretty hard this year, I thought I’d mention some hairstyles that are perfect to do! Some are perfect for long hair and some vary between medium to short length hair.

Top Knots: These are great during this time because with any type of hair (long, thin, short, thick) you can keep it out of your face. And hey, maybe you’ll mix up the look a little. Maybe one day do a not planned (but definitely planned) messy bun. Or try going for a ballerina bun (link to some in my previous hair post). During summer though I like to keep a hair tie on hand at all times, just in case it gets too hot and you just want to throw it up while on the go.

Ponytails: These are the easiest to go to in the summertime. No matter what hair type you have, putting it up into a ponytail is always easy and quick. But at times I like to freshen it up. You can try by making a braided headband first (take two small sections of hair in the back of your neck and braid them. Bringing them up and around to pin behind the opposite ear). Or you can try taking a small section from the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic, hiding it and pinning it to the slicked back hair not in the ponytail (twisting, braiding, or just taking a section of hair are all options with this one).

Braids: These are my favorites to do in summertime because there are SO MANY to try out. You can start out with the basics (three strand, french, fishtail). Or you can go more detailed with a dutch braid, dutch french braid (slightly different), a waterfall braid, four strand braid, figure eight braid, five strand braid, milkmaid braid. The list goes on and on! And with any of these braid options you can decide if you want to do a full one all the way down your back or if you are just feeling a half up, half down situation. The choice is yours.

As always if there were any that I didn’t mention but you know about, leave a comment below so that others can know about them too!