Summer Styles

Summer trends are back! It’s time to put away the jeans we’d wear during spring and think more about heading towards the beach! I could sit here and tell you to pull out the shorts but lets be real: those shorts were pulled out when Spring came.


Strips are making a statement. Whether they are vertical or horizontal they are here for the season! Everyone can pull off stripes. Are you a fan of the horizontal, the vertical, or the diagonal stripes? Small strips or thick stripes? It doesn’t matter! Try to mix them up into your wardrobe this season.


T-shirt dresses are a simple option when wearing dresses this summer. Keep it simple and casual with no accessories or dress it up to allow for the perfect statement look. Jean t-shirt dresses are making a big staple this summer because they are jean material but still light for the hot weather. Try t-shirt dresses that don’t cling to the body this summer.


Maxi dresses are a great thing for the summer! They can be dressed up or down depending on your preference. All it depends on is the shoes you choose and the accessories that go with it! This is the kind of clothing anyone can pull off!

What summer trends are you going to try out this season!

~MMB :-*

A Girl’s Fall Shoe Closet

It’s time to put away those sandals ladies! I have recently fallen in love with sandals myself. But we have now been heavily into the Fall season at this point and it is almost over! So I want to talk about SHOES!  It’s so many women’s favorite accessory and it changes around this time!

RAIN BOOTS– If you live in an area of the world where rain is frequent than rain boots are you best bet during this time! They can be fancy and stylish and they help you walk through those heavily rainy days and allow you not to slip! For anyone who lives in a a rainy area invest in some good rain boots! And make sure that you know they will last you for a while.

BOOTS: If you live in a rainy area or not these are a great thing to invest in because they are good for keeping your feet warm throughout the day and if you get calf/knee high boots you can pair them with jeans and a cute top or a really cut dress! During the winter time boots can be very versatile, but I would recommend getting a neutral color at all possibility (black, grey, brown)


Sweater Weather Already??

Sweater weather is one of my favorite times of year! Some disagree with that but I love it! The leaves change and with it comes new possibilities! Put away the tank tops and the shorts and pull out your jeans and long sleeves because now we are talking about the staple pieces of my favorite time of year!


First is: Trench Coats! Trench coats are great because they’re great at keep you warm during this time. Also they are versatile enough to wear going out, going for a walk, or going to school or work! Pick a style that would look great for you! Are you someone who likes a hood with yours for those rainy days, or maybe your someone who likes the tie to show your waist line more? Or maybe you like a pleated back hem to give a little twist on the classic looking trench. There are endless possibilities with this coat but I think it is essential for fall! Don’t you agree?

Next: Jean Jackets. Most people would probably disagree with this but I think it’s a jacket good for spring and fall! Having at least one in your closet is always good because you never know when you are going to get a cloudy but not super chilly day. So always having one in your closet is good!

Cardigans: These are great to keep at least one in your closet just in case. But I would say make sure it is a thicker material than the one you had as a back up during summer time.

Leather Jackets: I personally love leather jackets during the fall! They don’t look super comfy on the outside or warm. But… they are and they give you an edge on your daily look! I’d encourage anyone to try them if you don’t wear one already! One of my favorite items!

Of course there are sweaters! Sweaters are great for this time! My personal favorites are long pullover sweaters! But many do change it up! Some like short length sweaters, others like pullovers, and some like one that feels like a blanket (its fall everyone loves to cuddle up with a good movie and a blanket at the end of the day). Pullover sweaters give you the comfort while still looking cute. Button down sweaters are great too because you can add something more with the top you pair underneath it while still keeping warm! The great things about sweaters is that they are versatile and can work in any color as well!

Fall is a great time to get comfortable and cozy! No more shorts, no more possibly weird tan lines, no more tanks! Fall= Comfort all day! What are your favorite sweaters to wear during this time?

:-* MMB

Back To School: Planner Organization

As a kid I never thought planning out your day or assignments was all that important. In fact, I hated the idea. But over the years I have had to adapt my way of thinking. My way of organizing my life might not be yours but these are the ways that I would do it.

First, I use the calendar on my computer. The Calendar on the MacBook computers is great because everything is color coded for me and I can sync it easily with my phone (which like every young adult, I always have with me). On the MacBook Calendar I usually put down big events (ex. when I’m going home, when I have class, when I do my blog posts, when I pay bills, etc). Keeping those in a timed manner has helped with a lot of my organizationScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.11.45 AM

Next I use a planner. My favorite planners right now are by Erin Condren. I like the extra things they add to the planner and how spread out it is. But what planner you use is up to you. In my planner I write down my class assignments. Keeping them in sync with my computer calendar I write them in the same color. While my MacBook Calendar tells me what time my classes or appointments are, my planner tells me what assignments I need to do for those classes or for my blog.

You don’t have to organize your life the way I do. But using this system has helped me organize the chaotic parts of my life so much easier. If you choose to use the computer and iPhone calendar for everything then go for it. If you find it’s easier for you to remember things by writing them down in a planner and only want to use that system, great! I’ve just found that keeping both my phone, computer calendar, and planner in sync with EVERYTHING was a lot of work. This way, the computer  calendar refreshes my class schedule every week automatically & the times I have appointments. And the planner helps me keep on top of my class work assignments.

Try this and see how helpful this method can be for going Back To School this Fall!

Back To School Part 2: Supplies

Every year everyone gets excited fro back to school, myself included. But what is interesting to me is that each one of us gets excited for the most basic part about back to school shopping, SUPPLIES! Whether you’re a teacher or a student of any grade, it still can be a lot of fun! Let me just break down the necessities!

While I think that laptops have now become important with assignments for school, you don’t have to go with this step. Bringing my laptop with me to school has just become part of my daily routine. I like having it close by but not everyone has this option. So skip it!

Using a decent sized binder is essential for every high school & college student. It helps keep you organized. For me, I use a binder with 8 tabs (1 for my syllabi, 3 for each classes tests, 3 for each classes notes, & 1 for necessary but less important papers) as well as loose leaf paper.

I also maintain one 3-subject notebook for small notes as well as 2 1-subject notebooks for my more frequent note taking classes. Keeping your books assigned for the class at hand is essential for me so I can make notes of what my teachers say as well.

Planners are important to keep appointments as well as assignments in check. What are your favorite things to bring back to school with you? Let me know in the comments below!

Back To School Part 1: Trends

With school only a few weeks away for some and a month away for others, I thought I’d get a jump on what trends to look for coming up! With today being the first day of August, that means ladies, there is only a short amount of time to prepare. If you’re like me, you’ve started thinking about school as soon as August hits! You’ve had your summer fun and are ready to get back to seeing everyone you know! Let’s break this down:

In August: You want to stay with the easy flowing tops (could be tank tops or short sleeves), shorts and skirts, or maxi dresses, rompers, and sandals.

Back To School Trends #2

This is one of the outfits I would wear while it is still hot in August/September

September is a little bit of a weird month. You will probably start out the month with the same trends as August but as it progresses you will generate towards fall trends. Fall trends are more long sleeve shirts, cardigans, jeans, boots and more!

My stylized outfits for the Fall weather in September is of course jeans and sometimes maybe a short or long sleeve (depending on the days weather). But I do love my flannels and cardigans during this time too! These are some of my favorite kinds of outfits for Fall!


You’re Must Have Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to nail polish, I can be a snob. I AM OBSESSED! I don’t know what it is or why but if you walked into my home, the basket of nail polish that I have is overwhelming and would probably be the first thing you would notice. Like my hair, my nail polish is one of the things I am the most indecisive about. I go through my colors like a mad women (sometimes I go with the seasons and sometimes I say screw it and do what I want). This past spring I was obsessed with pastel colors (“mint”, violet, “tangerine”, beige). But as summer comes around I want to move into more vibrant colors. Right now I am liking a very vibrant blue (and I’m diggin’ it). The thing about summer is my nail color choices change all the time. Some of the brands that I have really come to like are OPI, ESSIE, Sally Hansen (not the gel one but the regular one), and if you want to go for an expensive brand- Channel. All of these brands are at an affordable price and (with the exception of Chanel) can be found at many retailers. The ones that can be found at a local store should be no more than $10. If they are I say don’t get them because it’s not worth it. Chanel is a little more pricey but the last few I’ve owned have lasted me a few years before they dry up. Another huge factor for me is that none of these brands have chipped for me very easily (which annoys me every time). I want a nail polish that will last me a while before it chips and I have to change it up again.

If you have a job where it is not practical for you to wear daring colors, then I say the same rule applies for your lipstick- FIND A REASON TO GO OUT AND WEAR IT FOR FUN! Even if that means you wear it for one night and take it off before work the next morning, that nail polish still got some use and it was fun to wear!

What Are the Perfect Sunglasses For You?

Sunglasses are a great thing to invest in. But do you know which ones work best for you? There is a difference between finding ones you just like and finding ones that work for you. For example, I think rounded rimmed sunglasses are very cute but I know that my face shape can not handle them properly. My sister on the other hand can. Even a friend of mine can pull off the cat eye sunglasses shape better than I can. It’s all because of her faces natural shape! It’s not because I shouldn’t wear them, its just because those two types of sunglasses make my face look condensed but make my head look huge. No one is going to tell you that you shouldn’t wear a certain shape (unless they’re that brutally honest friend you have that hold nothing back) because honestly why would a random person care about your sunglasses choices. Some of us don’t like sunglasses and some love them so much we hoard them. But at any point in the day, it’s good to have a pair at hand to protect your eyes. Have you decided what face shape works for you yet? You don’t need to know specifically. Sunglasses are a great thing to have all year round but the times I find they are used the most is summertime! They’re important for all those hikes you take and all the times people go to the beach (beach is the best place to have them but watch out for that sunglasses tan). Find the pair that works for you and don’t care about what opinions others have! Honestly they won’t care, its only your preference that matters!SUNGLASSES-BEST-FOR-FACE-SHAPES

Change Up Your Summer Look

Summer is a time when heat is abundant! Kids get out of school, the beach calls many people to its shores, and vacations are abundant! But summer is also a time for Color! Depending on your skin type depends on the colors you would generally wear but whose to say you can’t wear others? Many people create the stigma that bright colors are meant for spring (which is true) but they forget to mention that they are meant for summer as well! Growing up I was told that you can wear shorts in the spring and summer and pants in the winter. And of course dresses all year round. Although the seasons can’t dictate the clothes you wear, they dictate the type of clothes worn. Summer time is for shorts, spaghetti strap tops, maxi dresses, palazzo pants (1 of my new favorite things), and sandals. But change up these styles with tons of color. For example if you wear a black bathing suit to the beach, cover it up with a bright maxi dress. Or if you wear shorts and a white tank top, cover it with a light weight colorful cardigan. Color is all around you in summer time! Embrace it, feed off of it! Wear a dress you wouldn’t normally! Or pull out those shades you haven’t worn because their not black (black shades go with everything) and wear them, find a big floppy hat and wear it with pride. I say do these things because summer time is great for fashionable looks that are laid back and easy. Find a floppy hat, some sandals, and a tote filled with all the things you love to do at the beach and GO! This is your time to be relaxed and laid back! Take advantage!

San Diego Fashion Week Spring Showcase Part 2

All the fashions from San Diego Spring Showcase were different and unique in their own way. If you click on the title at the top (Fashion Trends Now) you can take a look at all the clothes and jewelry shown. But continuing with the different brands, one that I want to talk about was Jaded Marie which was based solely for couture upscale fashions such as gowns made for weddings or fancy events. Each piece was beautiful but not for the everyday customer. Another was Deanna Rae Couture. I really liked this booth mostly because it took prints and colors that you would see as everyday clothing and gave it a couture twist. The sketches were amazing and the pieces they showed with them made the collection look cohesive. Switching gears a little, there were two great jewelry booths. One was GFASH. Each piece from this collection looked like they belonged tougher in a collection but were independently unique which I found really appealing (we all want that one of a kind piece in our personal collection right?) Another was PASHN. With PASHN I loved each piece because they had jewelry with big pieces the spoke volumes but also quieter pieces and even though I am a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry, I can’t deny that each piece looked like it deserved to be seen. Alright, wrapping up this post, I gotta talk about Valleau Apparel. Valleau Apparel was the only active wear company there and was probably one of my favorite booths. (I’m trying to be impartial but I do own some of their stuff). There were pieces I hadn’t seen before and am hoping they put up for sale on the website. I talked with the designer and all of their sports bras are made from swimsuit material. So you could get in your workout for the day and go jump in the ocean or the pool afterwards. And the best part is you can look cute and fashionable while doing both. What are some of your guys’ favorite fashions you want me to check out and write about? Let me know in the comments below!