10/30/18 Hair~ Hair Journey Year 2!

Halloween is tomorrow! (Or if your reading this later- it was). This month I have seen some changes in my hair. Yes I broke my rule and died it a month ago but I didn’t touch it too much! My hair is almost to my desired length but it will still take some time! With the weather cooling down a bit I have started to drink more Cocoa Locks! You guys this stuff is amazing! It tastes so good and I always tend to drink a little more than recommended (whoops!) because I can’t get enough. I’ve also been taking vitamins (which I will review soon once I’ve finished them) but they are great because they have biotin and folic acid in them, which is great for hair growth.

Many people may be skeptical that folic acid helps with hair growth. And while we all know that biotin is a good supplement to help strengthen the proteins in hair, skin, and nails. Folic acid is just as important. While it doesn’t help with protein, it helps with healthy cell growth and red blood cells healthy. If you tried the Inversion method with me, you’ll know that blood flow to the scalp can increase hair growth.

Biotin’s cousin  the B-12 vitamin can help with strengthening the hair as well. And this is true, since I started to take vitamins to help me, I’ve noticed my hair has had less fall out. Shedding was one of the things I didn’t want because in the past, it has been a problem for me but, now the main times I find my hair shedding is when I wash it.

What hair tips or advice to you guys have for me as the last two months come to a close on this second year of hair growth! Leave them in the comments below!! Keep in mind I only use cruelty free products! ( 😉 )

:-* MMB

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