9/27/18 Hair~ Hair Journey Year 2!

Hey guys I’m back with another monthly post on hair growth. Alright, so I must confess… I did dye my hair this month! I know, I know… my goal was to not dye it at all until it reached my preferred length. But lets face it, that is probably going to take another year to get it there. Why? Because of how thick my hair is. I’ve come to learn that for my hair (and this is different for everyone) it seems to grow thicker before I see it growing in length. The first six months when I started this journey, I had seen no change in length at all, but by the year mark I had seen significant change.

Patience everyone! It helps with your journey!

I didn’t end up doing anything drastic when I died it though. I did a simple balayage with the color starting at the top of my ear and only adding minimal pieces. My goal was to not have the dye affect my hair growth at the root and to allow for the grow out to be simple and look a little more natural. (But what is natural when you dye your hair). I use moisturizing masks to combat the dry effect bleach has on my hair and ACV rinses are still a major part of my routine.

Dry shampoo has really been a major help when it comes to keeping my hair healthy. As I’ve mentioned, I have trained my hair to go a week without washing. (Some people might find that gross but it is not good for your hair to be washed more than 2, maybe 3, times a week anyway). Lately I’ve come to really like Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry shampoo. This stuff leaves no residue, no white marks, and makes my hair look clean and healthy. It’s perfect for my no wash days or after a long gym workout when my hair needs a boost! All of their products are cruelty free and affordable. You can find it at Ralphs, ulta, online, etc. Not sure which products of theirs to try first? Go on their instagram and scroll through to find your perfect match!

:-* MMB

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