8/28/18 Hair~ Hair Journey Year 2!

Hey guys I’m back for month 8 of year 2! Over the course of the last month my hair has been feeling stronger and healthier! I am still using the Innate Life Shampoo and Conditioner which smell amazing and make my hair shiny, healthy, and have been repairing the dead ends! The Rose Hair Elixir is still one of my favorites but I use it sparingly, so that my hair doesn’t get oily quickly! I’m also still using the scalp treatment about once every 2 weeks to help my scalp stay healthy and to promote my hair to grow!

The ACV Rinse has been helping my hair as well! I only do this treatment about once a week and it really helps to balance out the oils in my hair! If you want to know why I’m doing this rinse and the benefits check out last months hair journey here. I’m going to try to get the rinse down to about once a month so that my hair doesn’t get to used to it. But I think I can do it because my hair is down to being washed about one time a week!

I know for some of you that probably sounds really gross! And trust me sometimes I think so to. But my hair doesn’t feel greasy right away and with the products I use to help it, it doesn’t get oily as quickly! Leave in conditioners have also helped me take care of the oily problem as well.

Another thing I started doing last month was taking the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. I wasn’t sure about this product because so many people (celebrities and instagram gurus) have raved about it. But I bought the 3 month set and am now on the last bottle! I will be dong my review on this product in the beginning of September so keep a look out! Have you tried them yet?

:-* MMB



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