A Real Technique With A Brush~ For the Face

Trying to find the right makeup brushes for you can be difficult. We want them to be good quality, easy to clean, smooth application, and more! Is that too much to ask for? One of my biggest criteria with a lot of my makeup has been cruelty free. This request can be limiting, especially since some of the makeup brands I want to try aren’t 😦

But one I am happy to say is…. are the Real Technique’s makeup brushes! These brushes are so soft and don’t leave any application lines!

One of their most popular is their Expert Face Brush! This brush is so plush and it blends in your foundation nice and evenly. This brush is intended for both liquid and powder foundation but for me, it works best with liquid. The only thing I’d recommend is to apply dots of your foundation to your face before using the face brush to blend out the foundation.


Another brush I loved was their setting brush! To set my makeup I do use a setting spray but that is when everything is done. To set my concealer and foundation I like to use a banana powder. This setting brush is the perfect size for me to set the makeup under my eyes, especially since my makeup seems to run without it throughout the day! The brush is soft and compact enough to pick up the product and distribute it where I need it softly. Banana powder is a mess on its own, but this brush is perfect to apply the product where you need it and set the face makeup you have.

I could go on and on about these brushes but these two are the ones I use every day and have grown to love! You can also find them on amazon or at your beauty retailer! Leave a comment below if you love these brushes as much as I do & let me know which ones you use! If you end up buying these brushes and use them for pictures, tag me/dm me the pictures so I can see the flawless application!

:-* MMB

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