7/25/18 Hair~ Hair Journey Year 2!

Welcome back guys! We are in month seven of year 2! As I remind you guys in every post, this journey has been so long but to me it is worth it! And as you guys know there are a lot of products that I carry over each month as I allow my hair to grow. I’m still using The Innate Life Products but with them being all natural they can create build up in the scalp sometimes! If you guys follow hair guru’s on instagram then you have probably heard of @katydid003 . Her hair is long and gorgeous!

Over the past month I was having some trouble with keeping my hair from looking greasy! I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to! Washing it less frequently, doing hair masks, using natural hair products, using oils. And I was following any Instagram that promoted natural products & hair growth. But no matter what my hair was still looking greasy after I washed it! So I took a chance and reached out to Katy through dms.  She was so sweet and so helpful! Having someone who has already tried a lot on their hair before and who was willing to give me advice has really helped me through this second year of my journey! We went back and forth while I tried to explain what was wrong. She was patient with me and explained to me what happens to your hair when you use sulfate free shampoo (it doesn’t always clear out the build up of oils)

One of the things she recommended was an ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar). And let me tell you! I was skeptical! I HATE the smell of vinegar but at this point there was so much I’ve documented and tried on my head, what was one more. And before trying it, I just wanted to make sure this was a good next step so I looked up the benefits of ACV.

ACV can do so many great things for your hair and scalp!

  1. The oil in your hair known as sebum has a natural pH balance similar to that of ACV.  Because of this, if your hair becomes greasy, or begins to overproduce oil, organic ACV can bring sebum back to its natural balance in the hair
  2. the acid in ACV can kill bacteria and fungus, which are the cause of issues like dandruff, flakiness, and hair loss
  3. it can cleanse and clarify. using a lot of products on your hair (hair masks, shampoos, serums) can create build up. again the acid in ACV can break up the residue and make it easy to rinse out.
  4. the vinegar itself is lightweight so it doesn’t weight down the hair and allows it to have more body
  5. the natural acidity of ACV also helps the cuticle of the hair. by washing away any excess product residue, the cuticle softens releasing tension and detangles
  6. Frizzy hair is caused by the elements and cuticles that lift away from the scalp, when ACV smooths out the cuticle of the hair, it is also smoothing down frizz
  7. if the hair looks healthy and not damaged, it is naturally reflecting light. how the cuticle in each hair strand sits determines if the hair is damaged. EX. if the hair strand is up, you have the appearance of frizz. And if the hair strand faces down, (like after an ACV rinse) the hair is balanced and healthy.
  8. People with porous hair, your strands absorb moisture quickly because your cuticle is blown wide open allowing anything to get in. (your hair can naturally be like this but people who color their hair tend to have this problem mostly). ACV flattens the cuticle and reduces the gaps in the hair cuticle that are caused by damage to the hair.
  9. ACV stimulates hair growth (HELLO! this helps with my journey) because it stimulates blood flow not just to the scalp but to each follicle. Blood flow encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss
  10. every time you do an ACV rinse you will naturally remove tangles, closing cuticles, improving porosity, and making the hair stronger. because of all this your hair will be less prone to split ends and breakage.

Each one of these reasons was what helped me decide to trust Katy’s advice and try an ACV rinse and I am so happy I did. I started this method in the middle of my July month and have only done one rinse a week but I’m seeing progress! Some of you might need to dilute the ACV with some water because the scent is really strong and you may not be able to stomach it. But if you dilute it you will still get the same benefits!

Thanks Katy for suggesting this and for all your advice! And if you try this rinse let me know how it works out for you in the comments below!

:-* MMB

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