Becoming a Mattemoiselle~ Fenty Beauty

Before the summer started I had decided to be bold and daring when it came to my makeup! There were certain colors I never would have dreamed of wearing (mostly because I never thought they would look good on me). But with the Mattemoiselle lipstick line from Fenty Beauty that came out I wanted to try it and be not only daring but different! How many people do you know who would wear a dark green lipstick as an everyday? Or better yet…. how many people do you know who would wear it to work? Certain jobs just find that bazaar, and some just find it unprofessional. But with my job I could and I did.

While this isn’t all of them, the colors stay on and feel smooth! My lips also don’t feel dry or chapped within a few hours! I loved most of these colors and the ones I wasn’t sure of, I always found someone I knew who it looked great on! Some of these colors I wasn’t sure would work with my skin tone but I liked taking the chance on them! Definitely worth trying (maybe not all at once)! Feel daring and bold to try them! Worth the investment to me! Try them and let me know how they turn out!

:-* MMB

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