6/29/18 Hair- Hair Journey Year 2

Ok so…. we’re now into a YEAR & SIX MONTHS! I have been steadily documenting this journey and if you’ve been with me since the beginning, there has been some growth. While I have seen changes… it’s definitely taking its time! With no more cold weather the Cocoa Locks that I was using are now out of my routine. I’ve started using the Innate Life product line in it’s entirety (insane I know). I’ve also learned what works for my hair and what doesn’t.

With the Innate Life Products, I’m still using the Rose Hair Elixir for after I wash my hair and I limit the use on the days in between washes (otherwise my hair will get too oily). The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and are great to use but it did take a while for my hair to get used to it (HAIR DETOX PEOPLE! IT’S A THING). Both the Herbal Hair Mask and the Scalp treatment are great for the hair but I’ve had to limit down how much I use it to once every other week. Too much and my hair looks too oily no matter how much I try to wash it out! Still love these products though.

I also let my hair air dry, squeezing out the excess water and then I don’t touch it until it’s dry. Using an old t-shirt I squeeze out the excess water. Cotton t-shirts can be less damaging than a towel on your hair so using that to dry it will cause less frizz once it’s dry.

I’m also still doing the Inversion Method! I talked about this in last months post in detail so I won’t bore you guys again. If you want to know what the Inversion method is, check out my “5/23/18 Hair- Hair Journey Year 2” post! But I have been doing the Inversion Method again for a week each month and I have seen significant change!

I’ve tried to keep my hair as natural as possible in these photos for you guys because I don’t like using heat tools and I want to be able to see where my hair falls. If you are growing out your hair like me, be patient with it! AND if you are going through those summer months like me, be EXTRA patient! When it gets warmer and our necks start to get hot because of all the thick hair surrounding that area, we tend to give up and chop it off right before fall (I’ve done this more times than I can count). Stick with me guys! We’re already a year and a half in!

:-* MMB

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