LUSH Cosmetics~ Cosmetic Warrior Review

So as you guys can tell from the title I have recently tested out Lush Cosmetics face mask Cosmetic Warrior. First off, the name…. it kinda bothers me because is supposed to have good properties for acne problems and cosmetics aren’t the only causes of acne. The name aside the mask needs to be refrigerated after opened. This is why you can’t purchase this product online but only in store.

The thickness of the product is amazing and because it’s been refrigerated, it feels like it warms to your skin when applied. I know, I know…. we all have our favorites that we like and get used to because they work the first time, especially when it comes to acne prone skin. But taking a chance on this mask is great!

Let’s break this down some of these ingredients: Garlic is a big component in this mask and helps to reduce red spots and clear the complexion. The grapes are good for cleansing and helps prevent bacteria from getting into the pores. The egg whites and honey are good for moisturizing and smoothing out the skin. Kaolin cleans and exfoliates the skin. These are the main ingredients that make Cosmetic Warrior the acne and skin problem fighting mask it is.


I have used tis mask for only 3 days and already I am starting to see a change in my skin and my acne. I will be adding this to my routine soon incorporating other Lush Products. Review on those to come! If you have acne prone skin or wear a lot of makeup definitely try this natural product! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

:-* MMB

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