12/27/17 Hair

Alright everyone! We are now to the end of year one! I can’t believe that I was ale to stick this out but I also can’t believe how much more I have to go! In a lot of my Hair monthly posts I have said “we” a lot. “We’re 7 months in…” “We can do this…” And I realized that I was saying that a lot because I didn’t know if anyone would think, “Maybe I’ll try that…” because then it would become a “we” thing. I didn’t want to do this post to say that it was something everyone should do or keep track of but I think when you aren’t focused on it, its hard to judge how long it can take to grow out your hair. Because everyone is different and everyone’s hair journey will be different. But especially now with easy fixes like extensions, growing out your hair is a process. But through that you can learn the best ways to take care of it. A lot of people hate that part (myself included sometimes) because it means a lot of trial and error. So when you don’t see results right away it can be discouraging. And if your anything like me, you get to a point where it stops mattering. I have had those moments this year where I will see a cute short hair cut and think, “I want that style…” and with my hair history I would have said “long hair be damned” and done it. But 3 months later or so, I would have been upset. These posts have seriously helped me stay on my goal.

And look at how far I have come in just one year. Can you imagine how long my hair can get in just another 6 months?? And just like the last 6 month mark, I know I will be worried about my indecisiveness about my hair. Long hair and hot summer weather make my neck hot, so I think in that time I will be doing A LOT of undoes! But I think if I can stick it out for one year… I can do it for another! Are you still with me???? I’mma keep going into next year #hairgrowth #hairgrowthjourney #hairgrowthjourneyYEAR2

:-* MMB

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