Makeup for School/A New Routine

I know some of you are thinking that I am going to tell you what makeup is APPROPRIATE  for school……. that is a big N O!!!  I wanted to talk about the makeup essentials that I think (if you are going back to school) you should have them on hand. I used to not really care. I’d do my makeup and think “that’ll last me”. When we go back to school or start a new routine that gives us the option to wear makeup, having makeup that lasts would be nice. But HELLO! It’s still August and hot/humid! Some of us get this lovely heat through September too! So lets talk about the makeup essentials I think you should have with you just in case you need a touch up!


Eyeliner~ I don’t know about you guys but whenever I wear eyeliner on my lid, somehow throughout the day my eyeliner ends up melting off and showing up under my eyes, making me look like I have raccoon eyes. No matter what I do to try to prevent this, it happens. So I like to keep a eyeliner on hand to fix it if it happens


Concealer~ In my makeup bag I have one that is lighter than my face makeup for when I apply my regular makeup routine. But whenever my eyeliner gives me raccoon eyes, I like to keep a concealer that is the same shade as my foundation with me. I always have the darker shade on hand so that if my eye makeup runs I can just wipe of my eye makeup and reapply the concealer without taking off all my makeup and starting again.

Blush/Bronzer~ I don’t always have my blush/bronzer compact with me. But depending on how hot the day may be, I will bring it with me. If it’s not too hot than this one doesn’t make it in my bag. But if it is, I like having it just in case I want to touch it up and make it look seamless.


Lipstick~ I sometimes like wearing lipstick, even on a regular day because it just adds something to your overall look. If your like me & you like wearing lipstick then always put the shade of lipstick you wear that day in your bag. With all the things you eat and drink throughout the day its good to have it to touch it up.

Lip balm~ This is essential for everyone in the hot months! Your lips can get dry and chapped so this is something that is always good to have. Even if you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, everyone needs it from time to time.

I hope these back to school/new routine essentials will help you all as the season slowly changes to fall!

:-* MMB

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