7/30/17 Hair

Alright everyone! Seven Months! My hair is happy and healthy as we continue this journey! (Although I have to confess- I did trim it recently) I know, I know… but honestly we’re in the middle of summer time and my hair is just SO THICK! I felt like I had my own heater on my neck. So this month all I did was thin it out a little to help me through the summer. I did mention in my May or June post that the thickness had come back after I had thinned it out in March. So my guess is the thickness will be back by October! This will be great because we will be in the heart of fall!

My hair has gone back to being healthy! I started using moisturizing shampoo/ conditioner with an occasional hair mask. The previous leave-in hair conditioner that I used was a pleasant smell but it didn’t help  my hair at all. This past month I’ve started using the It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner plus keratin. I have heard rave reviews about this product and how it helps protect your hair from so much damage and the added bonus of keratin to help boost your hairs natural supply of keratin is a bonus.

Because of the trim I recently got I had him take off very little from the length so my longest layer is at my armpit in front and back. My hair stylist thinned it out just enough so that it’s still thick enough to put into braids/plaits if I want to but thin enough to where the summer heat shouldn’t bother my neck.

You guys I am seven months in to this journey already! It may be a little too soon to ask this but…. Do you think I should continue into 2018? Let me know!

:-* MMB

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