6/23/17 Hair


Hey Guys! We are now at the SIX MONTH mark! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! First of all I just want to say thank you to all of you guys for taking (what I call) my “hair growth journey” with me! These blog posts have not only helped me find new ways that I can take care of my hair and share them with you but they have also kept me ACCOUNTABLE to stay with it. I am the type of person who has a hard time with changing things but my hair has never been in that category. These posts have helped me stop coloring my lovely hair (which I went crazy doing for two years) or getting fed up and chopping it off!

We are now in the beginning of summer and I worry about staying on track. As I mentioned in my last hair update, the thickness of my hair has returned. If you guys remember I had to trim it in the beginning of March because my ends were discussing. Within just two months, the thickness came back. I have still stayed away from heat products (with the exception of a special occasion, which have only been about once a month) and I have refrained from tying my hair up.

I know with summer here and the heat increasing you all are thinking, “WHAT?! How can you NOT put your hair up?” Believe me, it’s been hard. But I learned that where you tie your hair up is where breakage is 99% likely to happen. So instead of putting my hair in a bun or ponytail (and having to deal with the breakage in a matter of months) I’ve started putting my hair in a braid/plait. This way the rubber bands create less breakage because then I only have to cut off the ends when that breakage happens.

BIG regrets with my hair

Summer is here and it is hot. The last time my hair was really long was in 2012 (almost 5 YEARS  AGO!) It was down to my waist and (in all honesty) not well taken care of. But I loved having it! There were so many hairstyles I tried and new ones I discovered. Then, towards the end of summer, I went to Chicago for 3 days and the heat was intense. Having my thick hair on my neck was not helping me either. I came home and two days after school started up again, I chopped it into a PIXIE! I have always thought that pixies are adorable and edgy but definitely something I wanted to try. For me though, it was a BAD idea! My hair is too thick to carry a pixie and my jaw is slightly too round. It was not the right haircut for me and I regretted it about a week after I got it.

Ever since that decision in 2012 I have been attempting to grow it back out. But with all the different hair colors and treatments I did in the past 5 years its been hard to get it back to the length I wish to have. Which is why I decided to start this journey and see how long I can go for. My goal is to continue it for a whole year. The new year will be my first end mark. But because hair can sometimes take between a year and a half to two years to grow out to a desired length, I will decide at the new year if I want to continue the journey and documenting it for another six months to a year. Thanks for coming along with me!

:-* MMB



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