5/28/16 Hair


Hi my loves!

So now I am five months into this journey. I had originally decided on this idea in December of last year but I thought it wouldn’t be as accurate to me as I wanted it to be and it would be better to start in the new year (New year, new resolutions, yada yada yada). I know I have probably said all this before.


Just as a brief background: my hair has grown over the past five months but I honestly didn’t see a change until about a month ago. As I said in my last post, the thickness of my hair has come back and the length is just an inch shy of lining up with my armpit.

Give me a minute here to scream, “I WANT MY HAIR TO GROW FASTER!” or “CAN’T YOU JUST MAGICALLY GROW TO THE LENGTH I WANT!”- okay I’m done.


~Cold Rinse~

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but giving your hair a cold rinse really helps it. Some would tell you that taking cold showers every once in a while is better-DON’T! The purpose of a hot shower is not just great for you but it also loosens the roots of your hair to open and allow your shampoo & conditioner to get in there and clean. instead of taking a cold shower every once in a while, wash your hair in a warm shower and at the last 2 minutes of every shower, wash your hair in cold water. This will close the root follicle back up and allow for the hair to keep all the nutrients it needs to clean the hair. You may feel cold for a minute after the shower but it’ll go away. And because of the cold shower you are less likely to end up with frizzy dry hair.

~Right Shampoo & Conditioner~

I think I’ve talked about this before as well. Knowing what your hair needs in order to grow is a HUGE bonus! If you are absolutely unsure consult with a hairstylist that has worked on your hair a few times before. They’re the ones to give you the best recommendations. If you want my breakdown: my hair is so thick that it is easy for my ends to get very dry and my roots get really oily if I wait to long to wash it. For me, a moisturizing formula works best for my roots and after my shower,  a mix of texturizing sea spray with a styling treatment oil helps my hair feel heathy and happy. BONUS: I like to give my hair the best treatment and not cause harm to any living thing so I make the choice to use all companies that are animal cruelty free!

I love that you guys are on this journey with me! We’re only five months in and have at least 7 months to go! (That is unless I decide to go for longer lengths!) I can’t believe we’re almost half way through this year! Can’t wait to hit the 6 month mark with you guys! I hope these few tips helped and keep a look out for our 6th month post!

:-* MMB

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