A Girl’s Fall Shoe Closet

It’s time to put away those sandals ladies! I have recently fallen in love with sandals myself. But we have now been heavily into the Fall season at this point and it is almost over! So I want to talk about SHOES!  It’s so many women’s favorite accessory and it changes around this time!

RAIN BOOTS– If you live in an area of the world where rain is frequent than rain boots are you best bet during this time! They can be fancy and stylish and they help you walk through those heavily rainy days and allow you not to slip! For anyone who lives in a a rainy area invest in some good rain boots! And make sure that you know they will last you for a while.

BOOTS: If you live in a rainy area or not these are a great thing to invest in because they are good for keeping your feet warm throughout the day and if you get calf/knee high boots you can pair them with jeans and a cute top or a really cut dress! During the winter time boots can be very versatile, but I would recommend getting a neutral color at all possibility (black, grey, brown)


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