What Does It Mean To Be Confident?

Every now and then I find myself questioning what it really means to be confident? I’m not talking about being bold in your everyday life (yes that is important but that is not what I’m talking about). But being confident in your own skin!

CONFIDENT: (adj.) feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured.

To me there are three ways a woman can feel confident.

  1. You choose to not wear makeup and let your natural beauty shine all the way through!
  2. You wear bright/dark bold colors without hesitation
  3. You know your routine look and you wear it with pride

Any of these three ideas can be you! Or you can mix and match them! I do! Some days I don’t want to wear makeup, so I keep it natural. But my biggest insecurity is my skin, so sometimes that choice is not easy for me. Sometimes I do the same look for a few days in a row. With certain jobs that may be your case and that is okay! Other days I want to be bold and wear a bright or dark lip! Or I wear an eyeshadow look I just came up with.

However you decide to order these three ideas, remember to be confident in your choice and in yourself! That is truly a beautiful thing on any person!

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