Allowing Your Skin To Breathe

For starters lets get something clear- it is impossible for your skin to literally breathe. Skin breathing is usually in reference to your pores being open or closed. In reality the third layer of your skin gets its oxygen from your blood supply and the amount of oxygen it gets from that is determined by what foods and liquids you put in your body. The top layer of the skin is protective of the lower levels and keeps oil and dirt as well as the sun from causing severe damage.


Allow your skin to take a break and try going at least two days a week without makeup (whether this is two days during your work week or on the two days you have off/a weekend). Even if you try going at least one day without any cleansing, scrubs, moisturizers, etc. just to give the skin a break and allow for whatever products you use on your skin to continue to work because your skin won’t get very used to it.


Make sure you hydrate! Water is the best medicine for the skin and people are completely unaware! Your body NEEDS water every day, no question. The more water you drink the better your skin will get overtime. There are nutrients your body needs from water and if you are not to keen on drinking plain water, add some of these fruits to it to give it a little flavor. Not only will you be giving your taste buds something different but the vitamins and properties of these fruits can help your body and your skin breath as well!

Little Tip for Clearer Skin Overtime: some mornings I heat up a mug of water and add one to three slices of lemon to it. If I did this every morning I would probably have clearer skin than I do. But doing this every morning will not only eventually give you clear skin but every day your metabolism will get a boost and work at a little bit of a faster pace for you for the rest of the day!

Give these tips a try to let your skin breath a little!!

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