Why Are Makeup Remover/Wipes Important?

When I first started wearing makeup, I had NO idea how it can affected my skin. As I learned I came to know how important makeup whips/ remover was. Your probably thinking why is this girl going to go on a rant about makeup remover of any kind right? But removing your makeup is important!


Did you know that when you wear makeup you can get 50% more dirt stuck in your pores? When makeup covers your face, it clogs your pores which doesn’t allow them to breath and allows them to open more, which makes them swallow anything they come into contact with (dirt, oil, etc). Sometimes makeup is stubborn, which is why makeup remover is great. The alcohol used in makeup remover/whips is gentle enough to work the makeup out of your skin as well as dirt without bursting the pores open. Although, makeup remover isn’t the only step you should take to allowing your skin to breath, it is the first and best step after wearing makeup all day. Next time you go to the makeup store to make your next big purchase consider purchasing some makeup remover/whips. The affect will eventually show you how helpful this tool can be to wearing makeup everyday!

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