The Yeses & No’s of Putting Up Your Hair

I am one of those people who loves to do different things with my hair (as you all probably know). I dye it, cut it, grow it out, put it up, let it stay down, you get the idea! But… Recently I came to wonder if doing all this to my hair was a great idea, putting my hair up in particular. Here are my yeses and no’s to putting your hair up. Some may be very basic and some not so much.


  1. Changes things up
  2. keeps hair off your face which can help prevent acne
  3. saves time
  4. allows you to have more excuses to use dry shampoo
  5. allows you to try different hairstyles (buns, braids, and ponytails)
  6. versatile for any occasion


  1. can make hair dry
  2. causes breakage from where an elastic was over time
  3. tightening the elastic can cause pain on your scalp
  4. consistent undo’s cause hair to fall out more frequently
  5. weight of hair on the head can cause headaches


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