Fall In Love With These Eyes

As I have stated before: Fall is a great time to change up your look! And one of my favorite ways is with the eyes! Add a little bit of eyeshadow to your daily routine! I’m not saying go all out and wear the same look to work as you would for going out. But if the leaves are changing a bit than why shouldn’t we?

A lot of my new eye looks come from Pinterest! It is so easy to find eye shadow looks that have the fall browns, golds, grey, and blacks in them!  Here are some looks that I would try if I was going out. (some I have tried and some I haven’t)

If you are looking for a more natural look… here is one I found and what I love about it is it is it’s broken down for me into a step by step so that I don’t have to wonder exactly what colors were used:


This look is so easy and looks like it take no time. But look at the end product! Gorgeous no?

Lastly, I did find a photo when looking through these looks that I love because it is what I use to break down most of my eyeshadow looks when applying them! It is my secret weapon and I’m going to share it with you:


Using this breakdown really helped me and I hope it helps you guys too! Let me know if it does in the comments below!

:-* MMB

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