Sweater Weather Already??

Sweater weather is one of my favorite times of year! Some disagree with that but I love it! The leaves change and with it comes new possibilities! Put away the tank tops and the shorts and pull out your jeans and long sleeves because now we are talking about the staple pieces of my favorite time of year!


First is: Trench Coats! Trench coats are great because they’re great at keep you warm during this time. Also they are versatile enough to wear going out, going for a walk, or going to school or work! Pick a style that would look great for you! Are you someone who likes a hood with yours for those rainy days, or maybe your someone who likes the tie to show your waist line more? Or maybe you like a pleated back hem to give a little twist on the classic looking trench. There are endless possibilities with this coat but I think it is essential for fall! Don’t you agree?

Next: Jean Jackets. Most people would probably disagree with this but I think it’s a jacket good for spring and fall! Having at least one in your closet is always good because you never know when you are going to get a cloudy but not super chilly day. So always having one in your closet is good!

Cardigans: These are great to keep at least one in your closet just in case. But I would say make sure it is a thicker material than the one you had as a back up during summer time.

Leather Jackets: I personally love leather jackets during the fall! They don’t look super comfy on the outside or warm. But… they are and they give you an edge on your daily look! I’d encourage anyone to try them if you don’t wear one already! One of my favorite items!

Of course there are sweaters! Sweaters are great for this time! My personal favorites are long pullover sweaters! But many do change it up! Some like short length sweaters, others like pullovers, and some like one that feels like a blanket (its fall everyone loves to cuddle up with a good movie and a blanket at the end of the day). Pullover sweaters give you the comfort while still looking cute. Button down sweaters are great too because you can add something more with the top you pair underneath it while still keeping warm! The great things about sweaters is that they are versatile and can work in any color as well!

Fall is a great time to get comfortable and cozy! No more shorts, no more possibly weird tan lines, no more tanks! Fall= Comfort all day! What are your favorite sweaters to wear during this time?

:-* MMB

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