New School Year? New “You”

Going back to school for me was always an exciting time. You get to see kids new outfit choices (although most of their styles never changed) but mostly you see new hair styles. Where I grew up this meant everyone was coming back from spending their days at the beach and having their hair sun bleached from all those summer days. There were the rare ones who thought with fall coming, they should change it up (this realization usually came after picture day).

If you’re like me and don’t mind changing your hair often then this is the perfect time for you. You can chop off your hair! Be daring and start the school year with a pixie cut, or a bob, or a lob! Having the flexibility to do anything with your hair cut shows that you are extremely confident that your personality overshadows your looks

However, that isn’t to say that people with long hair aren’t confident either! You have the luxury of using your hair as an accessory! Braid it, Pin it, Curl it, Straighten it! If you have long hair there are so many things you can do with it! This school year step out of your comfort! If you are known for straightening you hair every day, then change it up and curl it or braid it sometimes!

There is the group that loves to color their hair! If you are the one that likes to do any kind of color than try one you haven’t before! If you’ve dyed you hair pink, dye it blue! If you’re known for dying your hair an ombre, try balayage! If you like dark hair, try going a little lighter!

The start of school is a great transition time! Try something new! You’ll be surprised at the receptive feedback people will give you! Some may be good and some not so good, but be confident regardless and do you this school year!

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