Back To School: Makeup Ideas

Back to school is a great time to reinvent yourself, Try new things. One of my new favorite things to attempt is changing my makeup a little. Most people who knew me in high school knew I always wore eyeliner on my waterline. So in my last year I changed it up and started working on my cat eye. By the end of that year my eye makeup looked very similar to this picture I posted of Lucy Hale.

Over the years I have slowly changed little bits of my makeup to fit my personality. And for some reason they always begin in the beginning of fall season. One thing that I encourage anyone, who doesn’t do this regularly, to try is eye shadow. I used to be opposed to eye shadow because I thought it was too dressy for everyday. But this fall I have started to try to work it just a little bit at a time into my daily routine. screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-3-19-39-pm You’d be amazed at how just a little eye shadow can enhance the look you are going for. Granted I still go back to my eyeliner at the water line or just cat eye. But by adding a little bit of eye shadow, my look has changed overtime.

One tip I have though is that eye shadow takes time to get just right. It also takes time to do every morning. I’ve made the commitment to add that extra time of applying eye shadow in my morning routine. Will you? Try it out. As you try new colors and new combinations you’ll see how different your look gets with every new experiment!

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