Back To School: Planner Organization

As a kid I never thought planning out your day or assignments was all that important. In fact, I hated the idea. But over the years I have had to adapt my way of thinking. My way of organizing my life might not be yours but these are the ways that I would do it.

First, I use the calendar on my computer. The Calendar on the MacBook computers is great because everything is color coded for me and I can sync it easily with my phone (which like every young adult, I always have with me). On the MacBook Calendar I usually put down big events (ex. when I’m going home, when I have class, when I do my blog posts, when I pay bills, etc). Keeping those in a timed manner has helped with a lot of my organizationScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.11.45 AM

Next I use a planner. My favorite planners right now are by Erin Condren. I like the extra things they add to the planner and how spread out it is. But what planner you use is up to you. In my planner I write down my class assignments. Keeping them in sync with my computer calendar I write them in the same color. While my MacBook Calendar tells me what time my classes or appointments are, my planner tells me what assignments I need to do for those classes or for my blog.

You don’t have to organize your life the way I do. But using this system has helped me organize the chaotic parts of my life so much easier. If you choose to use the computer and iPhone calendar for everything then go for it. If you find it’s easier for you to remember things by writing them down in a planner and only want to use that system, great! I’ve just found that keeping both my phone, computer calendar, and planner in sync with EVERYTHING was a lot of work. This way, the computer  calendar refreshes my class schedule every week automatically & the times I have appointments. And the planner helps me keep on top of my class work assignments.

Try this and see how helpful this method can be for going Back To School this Fall!

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