Back To School Part 2: Supplies

Every year everyone gets excited fro back to school, myself included. But what is interesting to me is that each one of us gets excited for the most basic part about back to school shopping, SUPPLIES! Whether you’re a teacher or a student of any grade, it still can be a lot of fun! Let me just break down the necessities!

While I think that laptops have now become important with assignments for school, you don’t have to go with this step. Bringing my laptop with me to school has just become part of my daily routine. I like having it close by but not everyone has this option. So skip it!

Using a decent sized binder is essential for every high school & college student. It helps keep you organized. For me, I use a binder with 8 tabs (1 for my syllabi, 3 for each classes tests, 3 for each classes notes, & 1 for necessary but less important papers) as well as loose leaf paper.

I also maintain one 3-subject notebook for small notes as well as 2 1-subject notebooks for my more frequent note taking classes. Keeping your books assigned for the class at hand is essential for me so I can make notes of what my teachers say as well.

Planners are important to keep appointments as well as assignments in check. What are your favorite things to bring back to school with you? Let me know in the comments below!

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