Innisfree REVIEW

I am the person who loves to find new products for my skin. For me it is always changing and for this post I wanted to do a review on a company called Innisfree.innisfree is a Korean based company that makes skin, makeup, and body products. But for this post I wanted to do a review on the skin products. So far I have tried four of their most popular products

Here are my inputs on these products-

The Green Tea Cleansing Foam (Top Left): I was not a fan of this one. It didn’t foam up very easily and over time my skin did not look like it had gotten rid of all the imperfections. After I washed it off, my skin didn’t feel smooth or clean but like it had been scrubbed raw. I was not a fan

The Juju Volcanic Clay Mask (Top Right): I loved the way my skin felt after this. Rejuvenated and everything! But the mask didn’t always harden enough. It also didn’t always clear out my pores completely and if I accidentally left it on longer than instructed, it would irritate my skin

The Super Volcanic Clay Mask (Bottom Left): This one was a favorite of mine! It cleared out all the dirt on my skin, hardened nicely, and left my skin so smooth! I liked both volcanic masks but I think I just needed one that would be able to clear out my skin better

The Green Tea Sleeping Pack (Bottom Right): I have never used a sleeping mask before but I loved this one! It was so light and dried just enough so that my face wasn’t sticking to my pillow when I went to sleep! And when I woke up my skin would feel so moisturized and ready for the day!

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