You’re Must Have Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to nail polish, I can be a snob. I AM OBSESSED! I don’t know what it is or why but if you walked into my home, the basket of nail polish that I have is overwhelming and would probably be the first thing you would notice. Like my hair, my nail polish is one of the things I am the most indecisive about. I go through my colors like a mad women (sometimes I go with the seasons and sometimes I say screw it and do what I want). This past spring I was obsessed with pastel colors (“mint”, violet, “tangerine”, beige). But as summer comes around I want to move into more vibrant colors. Right now I am liking a very vibrant blue (and I’m diggin’ it). The thing about summer is my nail color choices change all the time. Some of the brands that I have really come to like are OPI, ESSIE, Sally Hansen (not the gel one but the regular one), and if you want to go for an expensive brand- Channel. All of these brands are at an affordable price and (with the exception of Chanel) can be found at many retailers. The ones that can be found at a local store should be no more than $10. If they are I say don’t get them because it’s not worth it. Chanel is a little more pricey but the last few I’ve owned have lasted me a few years before they dry up. Another huge factor for me is that none of these brands have chipped for me very easily (which annoys me every time). I want a nail polish that will last me a while before it chips and I have to change it up again.

If you have a job where it is not practical for you to wear daring colors, then I say the same rule applies for your lipstick- FIND A REASON TO GO OUT AND WEAR IT FOR FUN! Even if that means you wear it for one night and take it off before work the next morning, that nail polish still got some use and it was fun to wear!

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