The Go-To Hair for Summer

I don’t know about you guys but with summer hitting my side of the country pretty hard this year, I thought I’d mention some hairstyles that are perfect to do! Some are perfect for long hair and some vary between medium to short length hair.

Top Knots: These are great during this time because with any type of hair (long, thin, short, thick) you can keep it out of your face. And hey, maybe you’ll mix up the look a little. Maybe one day do a not planned (but definitely planned) messy bun. Or try going for a ballerina bun (link to some in my previous hair post). During summer though I like to keep a hair tie on hand at all times, just in case it gets too hot and you just want to throw it up while on the go.

Ponytails: These are the easiest to go to in the summertime. No matter what hair type you have, putting it up into a ponytail is always easy and quick. But at times I like to freshen it up. You can try by making a braided headband first (take two small sections of hair in the back of your neck and braid them. Bringing them up and around to pin behind the opposite ear). Or you can try taking a small section from the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic, hiding it and pinning it to the slicked back hair not in the ponytail (twisting, braiding, or just taking a section of hair are all options with this one).

Braids: These are my favorites to do in summertime because there are SO MANY to try out. You can start out with the basics (three strand, french, fishtail). Or you can go more detailed with a dutch braid, dutch french braid (slightly different), a waterfall braid, four strand braid, figure eight braid, five strand braid, milkmaid braid. The list goes on and on! And with any of these braid options you can decide if you want to do a full one all the way down your back or if you are just feeling a half up, half down situation. The choice is yours.

As always if there were any that I didn’t mention but you know about, leave a comment below so that others can know about them too!


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