Pin It Up

Heat is not always everyone’s friend. Sometimes we can control it (um… hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc). But others it will not budge. I don’t know about many of you but when it gets hot and muggy, my hair gets frizzy. And of course it is not the kind of frizzy that can be calmed down with a little magic hair product. No! It’s the kind that screams at me, “You have to put your hair up today!” If any of you have thin hair, a little bit of a hair product that has oil in it will help you. But if any of you have thick hair like me, it will not help. Any kind of hair product you had will weigh the hair down and eventually make it look like you wanted to be a part of the T-Birds. Whenever I have days like this, I turn to a lovely invention and tool known as the rubber band and if necessary I help that with some bobby pins. If you have shoulder length hair like me, bobby pins are your best friend. Also try investing in a  hair donut . I’ve found that these work amazingly and give you a fuller looking ballerina bun even if you have thin or thick hair! My only issue with this lovely invention is that when I want to switch up the ballerina bun and add in a braid, it can be tricky but still doable. If you choose you’re not feeling the bun thing, go for a ponytail. Ponytails are classic and can be used with any hair length or type. You can switch it up by hiding the elastic or putting a braid inside the ponytail. However, one of my favorite ways to deal with my hair on a hot day is to pin it up with a braid. I love these because there are so many different kinds to choose from! The length of hair you have determines the kind of braid you can accomplish on a hot day. Also bobby pins are one of my favorite things to use because not many of us have hair that is all one length and bobby pins work for that so that you can accomplish the look you want  and pin it back on such a hot day!

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