What Are the Perfect Sunglasses For You?

Sunglasses are a great thing to invest in. But do you know which ones work best for you? There is a difference between finding ones you just like and finding ones that work for you. For example, I think rounded rimmed sunglasses are very cute but I know that my face shape can not handle them properly. My sister on the other hand can. Even a friend of mine can pull off the cat eye sunglasses shape better than I can. It’s all because of her faces natural shape! It’s not because I shouldn’t wear them, its just because those two types of sunglasses make my face look condensed but make my head look huge. No one is going to tell you that you shouldn’t wear a certain shape (unless they’re that brutally honest friend you have that hold nothing back) because honestly why would a random person care about your sunglasses choices. Some of us don’t like sunglasses and some love them so much we hoard them. But at any point in the day, it’s good to have a pair at hand to protect your eyes. Have you decided what face shape works for you yet? You don’t need to know specifically. Sunglasses are a great thing to have all year round but the times I find they are used the most is summertime! They’re important for all those hikes you take and all the times people go to the beach (beach is the best place to have them but watch out for that sunglasses tan). Find the pair that works for you and don’t care about what opinions others have! Honestly they won’t care, its only your preference that matters!SUNGLASSES-BEST-FOR-FACE-SHAPES

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