How To Combat An Oily Issue

Let’s face it: oily hair is disgusting. And the worst part is… almost anyone can tell when your hair is. I can say that I have had to battle this problem a few times and every time I hated it! People think that your hair is naturally that way and always will be. But that is not true! Just like with everything, it takes time for you to see any real change but you can combat this. Oily hair can be caused by a number of things, (the foods you eat, how often you exercise, the climate you live in, etc.) To fix this find a shampoo that has moisture to combat the oil. The properties in the moisturizing shampoo will soak up the excess oil. But honestly one of the most common things I have found with people is it is more about how often you wash your hair! If you wash your hair once or twice a week, than you have a problem. The reason why is because naturally your hair will produce oil, and taking many days before washing your hair again will cause the oil to sit there and build up (which will make your hair look oily… DUH!) But you also have a problem if you wash your hair every day. The reason why is because you are not giving your hair the opportunity to distribute and use a little of the natural oil your hair produces (which it needs) so to compensate for that loss, you body begins to overproduce that oil. This usually scares people and makes them think they need to wash their hair every day… DON’T! Generally if you talk to your hairstylist they will tell you to wash your hair every other day (and if you want to push it- every 2 days). If you wash it every 2 days, invest in dry shampoo, that way on the 2nd day your hair will not look as oily. But by giving your hair a wash every other day you are allowing those natural oils your hair produces to distribute throughout the hair (they collect at the root so just brush your hair to distribute). Your hair will get healthier over time. Also keep in mind that changing from barely washing your hair or washing it every day to this regime of every other day will create some confusion for your body to know how much to produce. Start washing your hair every other day and wait at least 1 month, at most 2 months before you see the healthy results.

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