How To: Curl With a Straightener

Curling irons and wands are fun to use. And this is not a post hating on them. But you do get a different effect with a curl when you you the different instruments. Some people choose not to try this. And the reason why is because they usually don’t do it right, because they don’t know how, and eventually get fed up with it. It is something that takes patience. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen my sister try this and get fed up with it, so I end up doing it for her (granted she has gotten so much better with it, she’s almost a PRO!). Remember when you start on yourself, it takes patience. Make sure your straightener is turned on of course and section your first halo below your ear.


  1. take your first small section and clamp the straightener as close to the root as possible
  2. hold the section of hair straight out from the scalp
  3. take the remaining hair waiting to be straightened and warp it in a downward motion around the straightener
  4. hold the wrapped hair that way and slowly move the straightener straight out from the root
  5. about 1/2 way down the strand, rotate the straightener in the same direction you twisted the hair around it (make sure to keep all remaining unstraightened hair wrapped around the straightener)
  6. keep repeating these motions for each small sections (if you take big sections you will not get the desired curl because the heat will not have traveled through all the hair)

The great thing with using a straightener for curling the hair is it’s easier (in my opinion) to decide where the curl starts. No matter your hair length, you can straighten your hair from the root to how ever far down the hair you want the curl to begin. Once you’ve determined where that is, you can start the previous steps.

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