Change Up Your Summer Look

Summer is a time when heat is abundant! Kids get out of school, the beach calls many people to its shores, and vacations are abundant! But summer is also a time for Color! Depending on your skin type depends on the colors you would generally wear but whose to say you can’t wear others? Many people create the stigma that bright colors are meant for spring (which is true) but they forget to mention that they are meant for summer as well! Growing up I was told that you can wear shorts in the spring and summer and pants in the winter. And of course dresses all year round. Although the seasons can’t dictate the clothes you wear, they dictate the type of clothes worn. Summer time is for shorts, spaghetti strap tops, maxi dresses, palazzo pants (1 of my new favorite things), and sandals. But change up these styles with tons of color. For example if you wear a black bathing suit to the beach, cover it up with a bright maxi dress. Or if you wear shorts and a white tank top, cover it with a light weight colorful cardigan. Color is all around you in summer time! Embrace it, feed off of it! Wear a dress you wouldn’t normally! Or pull out those shades you haven’t worn because their not black (black shades go with everything) and wear them, find a big floppy hat and wear it with pride. I say do these things because summer time is great for fashionable looks that are laid back and easy. Find a floppy hat, some sandals, and a tote filled with all the things you love to do at the beach and GO! This is your time to be relaxed and laid back! Take advantage!

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