Hair Masques… Are They Helpful?

Hair masques are always a fun thing for me to do! Not only are you giving your hair the therapy it needs but you are also creating some relaxing time for yourself! You could try hair masques made by ingredients you find in your kitchen but I wouldn’t recommend that (I have had a few times where those have ended up ruining the texture and length of my hair). Instead go to your local beauty shop, (Sephora, Ulta, etc) and try to find a hair masque that has the ingredients your hair is lacking. These types of masques can be very helpful but with anything you have to be patient and wait for results. For me, when my hair gets dry I look for a moisturizing hair masque. Or when my hair begins to overproduce oil, I try to find a masque that absorbs all the excess oil. When you’re at home, you won’t have all the luxuries a salon has. Salons will usually apply the masque to your hair and, to get the masque to work at a faster rate, leave you under a hair dryer or with a hot towel wrapped around your head for at least 30 minutes. At home you don’t have a hair dryer you can sit under and no one wants to sit there holding one to their head (my arms would get sore).  When you use masques at home, unless it says it is an intense masque, you want to leave it in for double the amount of time. Don’t go expecting the masque to give you amazing results right away! Give it time and with each use, you will see the progressive changes to your hair. If your hair is really damaged start out with doing a hair masque once a week (no more! if you apply it to often your hair will get used to it and then it will stop working). As you start to see the little changes then change it up to every other week, then once a month. The little changes will allow the masque to do its job and will not give your hair enough time to get used to the product. Hair masques can be fun but they can also be very helpful when used properly! Give them a shot!DIY-Potato-And-Aloe-Vera-Hair-Mask

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