What is Acne? Reasons it Happens…

Acne occurs when glands (called sebaceous glands) in the follicles of the skin become overactive. These glands produce sebum, an oily substance that helps to stop the skin drying out. Someone with acne produces too much sebum, which forms a plug with dead skin cells and blocks the follicle.

There are many different reasons why acne happens. One is due to being a teenager. When you get into your teenage years your hormones go through a change. When this happens it can cause an overproduction of natural oils in the skin because the skin begins to interpret this hormone change as giving you dry skin. When it believes the skin is drying out, that causes it to overproduce oil.

You can also blame it on genetics. Sometimes when a family member has had acne in their early years, they pass that down which means you could get it. But none of the reasons I’m giving are saying that you can’t still treat acne.

A few reasons acne can get worse are:

  • Oil that is in skin products (moisturizers, makeup, etc) or grease in a workplace (kitchen, mechanic, etc)
  • environment irritation (air pollution, humidity, high altitude, etc)
  • trying to get rid of acne by popping pimples or squeezing blackhead because of dirty hands

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