Easy Facial Cleansing and Pores Routine

Everyone needs their own routine at home. Whether you get to it in the morning or at night or even twice a day is up to you. But sometimes we forget steps to taking care of our skin. I have inserted below a step by step go through that I actually found on Pinterest (where a lot of good things are found) that I started using. Although for me, I have substituted certain steps for others because either the step given did not work for me or I found one that I liked better. For example, step 1 is you tie up your hair and cleanse your face. THAT IS A MUST! Your hair has natural oils that can irritate your skin and make cleansing it not worth it if it has interacted with the skin. Step 2 you don’t have to do a 2nd cleanse if you don’t want to, y0ur choice. Step 3 is a helpful one and if you can, try to find toner tablets that dissolve into hot water, the interaction with the water and the ingredients in the toner will help your pores open up faster. You can try any one of the last three steps in any order or just try one of them. Only do all three if your skin actually needs it. If you go overboard, your skin will get confused and start giving you dry spots or overproducing oils which will create a bigger problem in the long run. So try this step by step any way you choose and let me know how it works for you!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.37.29 PM

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