San Diego Fashion Week Spring Showcase Part 2

All the fashions from San Diego Spring Showcase were different and unique in their own way. If you click on the title at the top (Fashion Trends Now) you can take a look at all the clothes and jewelry shown. But continuing with the different brands, one that I want to talk about was Jaded Marie which was based solely for couture upscale fashions such as gowns made for weddings or fancy events. Each piece was beautiful but not for the everyday customer. Another was Deanna Rae Couture. I really liked this booth mostly because it took prints and colors that you would see as everyday clothing and gave it a couture twist. The sketches were amazing and the pieces they showed with them made the collection look cohesive. Switching gears a little, there were two great jewelry booths. One was GFASH. Each piece from this collection looked like they belonged tougher in a collection but were independently unique which I found really appealing (we all want that one of a kind piece in our personal collection right?) Another was PASHN. With PASHN I loved each piece because they had jewelry with big pieces the spoke volumes but also quieter pieces and even though I am a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry, I can’t deny that each piece looked like it deserved to be seen. Alright, wrapping up this post, I gotta talk about Valleau Apparel. Valleau Apparel was the only active wear company there and was probably one of my favorite booths. (I’m trying to be impartial but I do own some of their stuff). There were pieces I hadn’t seen before and am hoping they put up for sale on the website. I talked with the designer and all of their sports bras are made from swimsuit material. So you could get in your workout for the day and go jump in the ocean or the pool afterwards. And the best part is you can look cute and fashionable while doing both. What are some of your guys’ favorite fashions you want me to check out and write about? Let me know in the comments below!

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