Know Your Skin

Over time our skin changes. Your skin is determined by the little things (gender, age, and surroundings). But knowing your skins needs is important. I think many people forget when you take care of your body, then that means everything! You should know the foods your eating, the drinks you have, and how this affects your skin. Some people struggle with knowing the type of skin they have so they end up using the wrong products. First off, know the type of skin you have!

NORMAL SKIN: If you’re one of the lucky ones who has normal skin (I hate you because I wish I had your skin! JK) then you have little discoloration, your pores aren’t visible, and you have no pimples.

OILY SKIN: If you have oily skin then this means your pores are enlarged, your skin gives off a shiny appearance, and you are prone to get acne.

DRY SKIN: With dry skin you can have flakey, dry, or red patches appear. This also can cause your skin to have a less vibrant appearance with makeup and can make you look tired.

SENSITIVE SKIN: This is tricky to tackle. With this type you’ll have blochy patches, redness spots, and could be prone to rashes and irritation, and skin could sometimes feel itchy or like it’s burning.

COMBINATION: With this type you generally could have oily skin around the chin, forehead, and nose. Areas that could be dry are around the eyes, hair, and jaw lines. And you could have larger pores.

Take a look at the things you eat and drink throughout your day. Healthier ingredients with a lower concentration of sugars or non-processed foods are best. Processed foods eaten occasionally are okay but an over consumption of this type of food can really effect your skin overtime. Also if you have long hair, try to loosely tie it back when greasy because that does have an effect. Lastly be aware of how often you touch your face, the natural oils in your fingers will overtime have an effect on your skin. I could argue to be aware of your surroundings because that does have an affect but truthfully we can’t always fix that for ourselves!

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