Food For The Skin

Have you ever heard people say that what you eat affect your body. It’s true. Certain foods affect your hair, your metabolism, etc. Well in this post I wanted to talk about foods that are good for your skin. Some good foods to add to your meals to help with skin are as follows. The first is avocados. Although avocados are seasonal they are a good source of biotin and help prevent dry skin. When eaten or used as a mask within their season they are a good source to hydrate skin cells. Another good source is eggs. Eggs are a huge source for protein (one of my moms biggest issues with me is if I eat enough protein). Eggs also provide biotin. But the protein helps repair skin cells that have been exposed to free radical damage. Next is pomegranates. Although pomegranates are a tropical fruit the antioxidants in them help skin create more collagen and the properties in them can also increase skin healing. If you want skin that can get smoother and healthier add walnuts. Walnuts have a high content of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also a good substitute if you don’t like fish (salmon to be exact, which has the same affect for skin). Try adding these foods to your meals and overtime watch how your skin changes and becomes healthier!

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