Date Nights With Friends or By Yourself!

Don’t look at the title like it’s crazy! We all need those nights with friends or by ourselves! And it’s a great time to give your skin some love! On these nights I find it fun to find a movie or show you love and watch it while putting a mask on (home made masks to be exact!) A good thing to know beforehand is what kind of skin type you/friends have. I always turn to the internet or Pinterest to find interesting masks to make! If you want to make a homemade mask make sure it works for your skin type and that all the ingredients in it are in season (I’ve made this mistake a few times!) Also an easy way to make them is with a blender like you would make a smoothie or a food processor (it’ll go on easier if it’s made smoothly and doesn’t have chunks in it). Once made apply it with your friends, make some popcorn and sit down to watch your favorite movie or tv show together! If it’s one of those nights you want by yourself then make your mask and some popcorn and enjoy your movie in peace. Or go have a bubble bath and relax! I love having those nights! Give it a shot and let me know how a date night with yourself goes or how the movie night with friends goes!

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