Spring Into a New Look

This is my last post for the month of April! And I’ve decided to close it out with spring trends! Summer doesn’t begin until June so why not! What is always known about spring is that it means wearing florals (groundbreaking right?) It’s like an unspoken rule that happens every spring. With that comes your makeup looks! To me spring is the transitional period for makeup before you get into summer and we tend to wear less makeup because a lot of us take trips somewhere with beaches and want a simple look (and let’s face it, it’s usually too hot to even wear makeup). But I know there are times I still want to wear some. IF you share this idea with me than make sure to wear sunscreen underneath, it is that weather when sunscreen becomes necessary. For spring you should look into doing less with the eyes (maybe a little eyeliner or mascara). But if you feel like still using some eyeshadow, go for light colors that aren’t too warm (beiges, whites, pastel colors if you are really daring). Go light on the blush because you’re out in the sun all day, so your skin is going to change. This is also a time when bronzer is not necessary. The effect of bronzer is to define your cheekbones better and give your skin a contrast in the winter that normally the sun accomplishes for you. So no bronzer is needed. It is that time of the year where lips are accompanied by more bright tones (pinks, reds, oranges, beiges). But keep in mind with heat your lips dry out very easily so if you want to not bother with lips for a day, go with a gloss or even better a chapstick! I prefer chapsticks during this time of year because my lips get dry so easily (my stash of chapsticks grows enormously through this time, its ridiculous). This is the time to begin to loosen up on your regular makeup routine because come summer, it’ll be so hot you won’t want to all the time (trust me, I don’t!). Begin the transition before summer! It doesn’t matter if you are in school or go to work, you can still change your makeup routines to match the seasons! And for those who go to work, it always makes me excited when I can change my look up a little every season while still looking professional! Spring is your platform for summer! Embrace spring while its here!

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