Eyes In The Shadows

I know that I have talked quite a bit about wearing makeup. And specifically about when you dress up your lips, dress down the eyes and vise versa. But this post is all about eyeshadow! Now I can’t tell you all the proper ways of applying eyeshadow because everyone’s is different. For me, eyeshadow is fun to play with but not every occasion calls for it. If you decide that one day is a perfect day for it than go for it! But be warned, because for me applying eyeshadow takes patience! If I don’t get it right, I get fed up! No matter what look you are going for or what colors you use, start with a primer on the eye lids! Primers help the eye shadow stay on all day and they help maintain the look your going for throughout the day! Without primer a lot of us who like eyeshadow would end the day with severe colored raccoon eyes! Make sure your color choices do don’t clash with your event or with your outfit! Start with your shading eyeshadow brush and pick your base color. If you’re going for neutral (browns, beiges, whites, light pinks), color is more for events (almost any color on the rainbow), and dark and mysterious (purples, silvers, browns, blacks). Once you’ve decided on your base color and covered the lid, use your precision brush. The precision brush is meant to put definition where you want it with another color (corner of the eyelid, middle below the crease). With my precision brush I usually pick a darker color than my base color or a color with a little glimmer in it. Next is your smudge brush, which is good for (just like the name says) smudging lines. I generally use this brush to smudge the lines in the crease of my eye and make them blend up a little into the upper part of my eyelid. Next is the eyeliner edge brush. This brush is meant to apply gel eyeliner onto your lid over your eyeshadow but I also use it to take a white eyeshadow and highlight a little under my brow. Be careful with how you do this because you don’t want a thick white line under your eyebrow. Lastly and most important is your blending brush. This brush is my favorite!  It gets rid of all those harsh lines you created when applying the eyeshadow and blends them together. This makes the application look effortless and well put together! If you choose to add some eyeliner to it, go for it! But add it at the very end! Once your done use some setting spray or setting powder to make your eyeshadow stay for most of the day! Eyeshadow application takes practice and believe me, I’m still getting the hang of it! But give it a try!

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