Dates With The BF/GF

Date nights are exciting to look forward to! But they can also be nerve wracking! There is so much to think about (the right outfit depending on the occasion, the right hair, and the right MAKEUP!). The most annoying part is when your BF/GF won’t tell you what you are doing so you can’t plan for it! (A little tip to those planning the date: give us an idea so we know what to dress for, it helps). Another thing to consider is, make sure your BF/GF knows what you like and your style so they don’t plan something that makes you feel uncomfortable (believe me, I’ve had my fair share of those!) Something I have recently learned is that some, boys in particular, like a girl’s natural look more than anything. Someone I recently went on a date with told me, he loves seeing me with no makeup (granted he has only seen me without makeup on snapchat). But when he told me that, it made me feel beautiful. Whenever I would see him, I would always try to wear as little makeup a possible (because I still want to wear makeup when we go out). I will admit that I went on one date with a girl and it was a simple date at the beach, so I didn’t do to much for my makeup either. If you are going to a nice restaurant for a first date or anniversary than do up your makeup a little. If you dress up the eyes, dress down the lips. If you dress up the lips, dress down the eyes. It doesn’t matter if your going out with a guy or a girl, picking the lips OR the eyes will give them one focal point (the great thing is: you get to choose which focal point you want them to look at). If it’s a cute simple date (the beach, picnic, amusement park, movies, etc), go for a natural look. These ideas are not meant to be a fancy occasion. Maybe, put on a little eyeliner and some foundation or some mascara with a little blush (and add a little gloss or chapstick to it to give your lips a little something). The fun part about dates is you get to decide how you want to look! But keep in mind what kind of date it will be! I hope these tips helped and have fun on whatever date you have planned!

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