Those Occasional Makeup Dreaded Days

We’ve all had those days were we don’t want to wear makeup. What girl hasn’t? I have! And let’s face it, those morning routines you now find on youtube are probably the normal routines some girls do, but probably not every single day, as they’d have you believe. We sometimes wake up in the morning and don’t want to wear makeup. But society tells a lot of us that by a certain age, women should wear makeup… WRONG! Makeup is fun to wear and it looks nice but it doesn’t have to be worn every day. If you go to school or go to things with friends, that is a time when you don’t have to wear makeup at all if you don’t want to. However, if you have a job that you have to look presentable for then you might have to. If that’s the case, take the days you have off and wear no makeup. I do this every chance I don’t have my internship or school. It gives your skin the chance to breath, and it’s one more day for you to sleep in and not have to plan the time to do your makeup in the morning (I call this “Putting Your Face On”). We’re all individually beautiful without makeup, and makeup is there to enhance what you already have. But you don’t always need a lot. If your having one of these dreaded days, then maybe put on one or two products and not your whole routine. When I have these days, my go to is eyeliner and concealer. It’s fast for me and easy. For you though it could be foundation and blush or foundation and mascara. It may not be your entire routine but it still allows you to look a little put together and a little awake if you have somewhere to go. Find your one or two products that help you get ready fast in the morning on the days you are not wanting to get out of your bed! Don’t say you’re not like that! We all are!

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