A Colorful Kiss

This is one of my favorite topics! I like wearing lipstick! The problem is people have created a stigma with lipstick. That stigma is that you should wear pinks and nudes on a daily basis for every job or none at all. I say…. NO! Go against the grain and try different colors! If you want to wear lipstick on some days… DO IT! Some jobs may not allow you to wear colors that are bright and bold or dark and mysterious. If that’s your case then create a reason and a time to go out with friends or a family event and wear them for fun! I do! If your job allows you to wear fun colors than go for it without hesitation! Be Bold! Be a trend setter! And wear fun bright reds, pinks, purples, nudes. Or go for the dark and mysterious and wear dark reds, maroons, pinks, purples, & (if your really daring) blacks! Understand though that when you wear a strong lip color, you should tone down your eyes. If you’re still persistent about wearing eyeshadow than use neutral colors and don’t go to heavy with it. Otherwise stay with eyeliner (cat eye, lid line, waterline). You want to make sure that if you wear any of these bold colors on your lips, they are the focal point! It’s a bold color, its meant to stand out! Also make sure that you find colors that work with your skin tone. Finding lip colors that work for your skin tone is probably the easiest thing to do when it comes to make up. You’ll know if it looks wrong or isn’t the right shade. Example: my skin is in between an olive and white skin tone so for me I know that oranges, nudes, blacks, and neon colors will not work on me. I know this because I’ve tested each color I’ve ever thought about buying before actually deciding to purchase it. This isn’t the same testing you’d do for foundation (as I’ve previously stated in my post “Finding Your Right Foundation”). With this you can test it on the back of your hand because sometimes the colors you see on the display appear differently than they would on your skin. You’ll know what works for you! So go out and find your favorite colorful kisses!!

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