Eyeliner Migration

I don’t know if that title makes sense or completely conveys what I mean but for me it holds truth. I had the mother who refused to let her daughter wear makeup at all. It was my grandmother who finally convinced her when I was fourteen. That same grandmother taught me almost everything I know about makeup, starting with eyeliner. It was the first thing she taught me. Starting me off easy with a pencil. Pencil eyeliner is good if you are beginning because it’s hard to mess it up. But it is a product for those who are looking for a smokey effect on your eyes either on your water line or on your lid. But it’s the best way to start. Then once you feel comfortable with that the next to tackle is gel eyeliner. Personally I don’t prefer gel because I’ve had it get stuck to my lashes and for me it creates a mess. But it was the next step and even though I never perfected it, I got down the basics. (I should also point out my grandmother got fed up trying to teach me gel, sorry!) The last one to try is liquid. People think liquid is really hard because you have to angle the tip of the the brush a certain way and pull your eyelid another. But its not! It’s easy to mess up, however, if you don’t have a steady hand or precise thickness you want. I’m not saying you would be doing a winged look every time with the liquid (although that is doable and some peoples’ every day go to look, I don’t). Liquid is good for the water line as well because it stays put throughout the day. If you are iffy about trying liquid, NYX cosmetics has created a liquid eyeliner with the tip pointed in the right downward angle to help you with a winged look. Although they say that it is for people who want to perfect the winged look, you can also use it just to create a line on your top lid (spoken from someone who does that). Then when your ready, transition to one with a wand. For me I started my lid liner with the NYX The Curve liquid liner and when I felt comfortable I used that same one to create the line and filled it in with a wand liquid liner, then switched over the the wand itself. It’s all about patience and preference. Try them and see which type works for you!

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